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  • I detect distinct notes of Edgeworth and Phoenix in your Scourge of the Skies sign-up.
    'Eureka' I almost missed... but everything else made me laugh my ascot off when I read it.
    Just wondering; are you also from the UK? It's just I saw you online about two hours ago, so you were either up very late, or in the UK xD
    hey this is about that knight rpg u created. if u want to join can u or did i have to send u a message or something cuz i want to join one of these they sound pretty fun
    Hey, BG, I've had someone recently convince me to make a sequel to Scourge of the Skies (which, actually, never finished, but I have a way to wrap that up), and I was wondering if you'd be interested. More details will come soon, I'm just trying to find some good RPers who showed interest in the original.
    damn, BG, I thought I had broken off from RPing, and then your's make me want to jump right back in. Expect one from me real soon. It'll be all Zinc'd up too.
    Just fyi, with that statement, I am completely sure that I will not be accepted. My sign-up will be considered too short even with a decent paragraph, they will only be roughly 2-3 lines sooooo I'll be out. I wanted to join, but I think some of it is overboard.

    I should clarify what I meant about paragraphs being no good.

    If you say that we need 2 paragraphs, there isn't a sure way of telling what is a decent paragraph and what isn't.

    If you went by the rule saying your personality must be 4-5 lines in length, then it is a whole lot easier of telling who has enough and who doesn't. I'm tempted to post my unfinished sign-up to use as an example....
    I forgot to mention that you should give a line specification instead of paragraphs. I could easily counter with that 5 sentences, no matter how short is a paragraph. I recommend changing the requirements instead of paragraphs to a certain amount of lines. Currently, I'm sitting at 5 lines in personality and description. Fighting style is a solid 4 and a half lines.

    It's from personal experience that I see the flaw in paragraph requirements so I'm just helping with reducing the amount of flawed sign-ups that you could end up getting with a tip ;)
    I need to know if I need to add the second form of appearance if we plan on evolving the pokemon down the road.
    Sorry I'm so late in the RP.
    I have an assignment on WW2 due tommorrow, and I have to finish it tonight.
    Feel free to bunny Mira if you want to move it along 8D
    Ok then!
    (I had to add the band part to accompany his Axe Solo Taunt, and make his theme song fit in even more... which happens to be 'Some Head Are Gonna Roll', and Disco Inferno)
    no... but I think I'm going to have him as a pyrotechnics expert for a Metal Band, who after a traumatizing accident, has gone crazy and refers to himself in the 3rd person as 'Pyro' in his thoughts.
    Sorry about those three messages.
    Two were wrong and the other I decided, why not.
    He's from Spain now. But he won't take off the mask (insert sad face)
    Nope, Canadian. He had to get a love for fire somewhere, and what better place than freeze your nards of Canada? |3
    That video is fun though!
    Nope, Canadian. He had to get a love for fire somewhere, and what better place than freeze you nards of Canada? |3
    That video is fun though!
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