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  • It's more of having Co-Owners, really.
    I need two people to play one of these two characters:
    Sniper and Pyro

    I'm keeping the personalities of the characters as close to the official Valve characters as possible, and Pyro won't be able to speak. I need someone skilled to be able to get messages across thorugh signals and hand motions. And Sniper will be the head of RED team. I will be playing as the Head of BLU (Spy). The two heads will have to work together ti find what is the best course of action.

    I know HotShot is interested in being Sniper, so right now the question is:

    Will you be willing to play as the crazy son-of-a-Vulpix known as Pyro?
    *insert awesome face*

    Well, the way it will work it, that I will make all of the sign-ups;. That's right. Everyone will be one of 9 premade people on RED and BLU. To be one of them, instea dof a sign-up, you make a page long RP sample.



    Pyro (because he is a crazy ******* who just goes around burning stuff on both teams, and changes uniform depending on his mood)

    But the story begins by explaining about Redmond and Blutarch hiring mercenaries to do their dirty work, as it is in the game (I will go over the back story and flesh it out on my own also). They set up the 'Respawn' machine, that creates a clone of each of the men, and sends it out to be controlled by their real selves inside the base so that they don't 'really' die.

    Problem is, RED and BLU discover that unning the machine costs to much, and decide to shut off both machines for good, and give the orders for both teams to fight to the death.

    After all of their time fighting each other, RED and BLU are equally matched and for a couple months, not one person dies. So instead of carrying on, they make a pact with each other to break out of this forsaken hellhole (2Fort) and finally go home.
    To do so they will have to traverse through most of the maps and fight the goons that RED and BLU have hired to get rid of them for betrayal. But they forget they are going up against the best of the best.

    Your team will not go down easily.
    Hello there =)

    When do you think the sign-up for your RP, "The Murder at Serebii Offices", will be closed?
    Hey, BG, would you like to be part of a TF2 RPG, I need two people besides me, and I have HotShot. And I was wondering if you would like to take part.
    (if answer is yes, I can explain details)
    I was just admiring them. To be honest, I have no interest in Bleach (that's my brother's thing), and I wouldn't know how to put them in my sig or anywhere anyway.
    I just have my personality to do.
    Since he is on the BLind Justice, I don't want to make him to violent.... but not a wuss either. THIS IS ZAHRA! He has to be awesome!
    Would have responded sooner, but I can't exactly answer questions when I don't know how to reply to the sign up yet.
    Well I think all the positions on the VC ship are filled, so you can't be on that ship (unless you've got a really good sign-up). Anyhow, that doctor is a random unnamed NPC I threw in because it made sense at the time. So yes, you can know that doctor.. or be that doctor if you figure some way to make it work out.
    I finished another sign-up... blah...
    Not sure what to do with it.
    If allowed, I would make him another character controled by me. Other wise, I will throw him in as an unimportant NPC.
    Ok, well i managed to finish about a third of my sign-up today; unfortunately a massive row between my parents has halted my work; Due to the troubles at home i have at the moment i don't like it putting me off my work, so i usually stop when this happens
    Hey i saw your new turnabout rp go up. Well i did express a strong interest in it a long time ago however i noticed you cannot reserve. In light of this could i ask you to warn me if the places begin to fill up fast, i would prefer to work as a detective and will begin work on my sign-up tommorow however i will be busy and not have many opportunitys to check it. I know its a big ask and please refuse my request if im pressuring you, i just don't want to miss out on this one XD
    Hey, are you and Zinc still working on that Trainer RP? I'd assume not since you've both started up different RPs.
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