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  • OK, I've done my intro thing, so everyone on the VX side can post. BTW, sorry about being late- Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Likewise. BTW, have you considered using Youkoumon and Doumon instead of Kyuubimon and Taomon? They seem more suited to the VX.
    Oh, no problem! An inactive member shouldn't take precedence over somebody who is active and has even written their sign-up, and it's also slightly unfair if you get given no reason for why you've been rejected.
    Well, it was more of a problem with my execution of the plot. I left things a bit to open in the initial story (planning to let the players learn more in game) and that led to people just sitting around BSing with no idea of what to do until I posted. Needless to say things got boring at a very rapid rate. But I'm working on it a good bit every day and I should have it reworked in a week or so (though I'm not sure if I'll post it on here, I prefer another site. I'll link you if I do).
    Sorry, I don't think I'm going to run the digimon RP. I need to work out the kinks in the story first (it was up on another RP site and some obvious problems came up that I need to fix), but if I decide to repost it I'll notify you personally. Thanks for showing interest.
    Haha, Shadow really wants to win this contest. Thanks for voting anyways. I'm going to add your vote to the list.

    And yes, it's Marluxia (my favorite organisation member). It's also my avatar on this forum.
    Can you please vote for the song I nominated for the "400 Members Event"?
    You can do this by pasting this on j-master's profile: "I vote for the song nominated by ~:Shadow:~"

    Please help me win this event. Thanks a lot! =]
    sorry about the late response xp

    No, for her windows xD

    I see... I hope the issues are resolved easily, I mean, with friendships still intact...
    No, just your life.

    Over here I'm getting ready to make curtains for my oldest sister. You?
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