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The Burnt Shadow

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  • Also, not sure if I've asked this already, but could we get a discussion thread? Would make planning much simpler
    I'm working on the post now. I am thinking undercover at the Rocket syndicate. Is that acceptable?
    (And I think I made Lilli sound like a twisted sociopath)
    If anything, I'll have Theodore say he have Mace "under Control" for the time being, just to finish that Chapter off.
    I am back, and I can Write again. but i have no idea what to Write. Could you give me a few guidelines?
    Schade's not going to be around to post on Sin Island until Tuesday. I'll probably repeat this is the thread later when I post, he just wanted me to let people know.
    Eep, posted. Kinda boring post though, but Kylar's back at his feet now. What should be next on the agenda?
    Eeh? One can't help but feel a little left behind.
    I have no idea what do do in my next post either.
    Feel free to do whatever you'd like With Kylar in Your NeXT post. I will be posting as Venomoth next time
    Then I'll take out a few important People there. I'm curious to Theodores reaction to being handed my client. lol
    Well then. Theodore gets Julia, like he always wanted. lol. Kylar is out to interrogate Tony Syndicate members, probably taking a few of them out in the process, and he will most likely not find anything (depending on which plans you have for the Tony syndicate)
    I'll put my guy on investigating the case of Mr. sanders/Retaliate on the Tony Syndicate in my NeXT post. Anything you want me to include/exclude?
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