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  • I've popped there yesterday and I'm there now
    But I think no one can read what I send cuz it says I'm not a member ¬¬
    And I think it needs to be an owner to make a member
    heya, maaan
    I am back!!!
    I think I won't be playing a lot until mid of next year and for sure, if you guys want me at Desu Imma be there =D
    Lolwut? Are you seriously pretending to be retarded or what? Bulky or not. Getting burned (latias holding flame orb), SS damage and being hit be SE damage will overcome "bulkiness". *slaps forehead* Nubs these days.

    Frazzle this isn't Pokemon. Its being cheated. Which I don't like.
    How we doing "the fizz"? I've seen a YT video of you using the same team that you used on me. You had **** to take on TTar after I ko'd his 2 counters. This is why you DC. If I could of got 1 DD off, I would of won. Clearly. You weren't about to switch before the DC and even if you did you would of suffered major damage to the oncoming Poke. I'm not really arsed over the DC it was the fact you cheated your way to victory. I now know the DC was you as DC's aren't "accidential". You might of won the war but you've given pogo (w/e forum you're from) a bad name.
    Post in the war thread that it DCed and you were about to win. I cbf with the hassle. If the DC wasn't you I apologize.
    No offence dude but the DC wasn't me and I've been battling way to long to know battles just "DC". You were surprized when my scarfed Poke caused major damage to your Heracross. Pert and your Heracross was now dead. I seriously doubt you had anything else who could prevent TTar from setting up. I admit I was slightly losing but perhaps you DCed because you knew you were in trouble and decided to make it look like me. I never seen your last couple of pokes, you could change these to make sure TTar was delt with if we rebattle.
    Rebattle with different teams. The reason I want different teams is that since Rotom was about to revenge kill hera (and pert was dead), I felt ttar could of setted up with no counters. But I don't know this because I never seen your remaining team members (No offence but you could change these) But can we now battle another time because going out in like 30 mins.
    I know you were slightly winning but my router has perfect signal. The DC wasn't on me dude.
    When I Vmed you I was just checking Serebii before I went to work. We are on vastly different timezones. My timezone is GMT+1. I believe the only option is that we arrange to battle this weekend, unless you're prepared to stay up late through the week D:< I don't work on the weekends so I can even meet you on your timezone then :)
    I'm always on Serebii, so arranging our battle here is best IMO. I think it's best we arrange our battle for this Saturday, as I'll be on for most of that day. Is Saturday good for you?
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