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The Director
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Jun 11, 2012
May 24, 2008
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The Director

Ancient Trainer, from In your Head, Must Understand

The Director was last seen:
Jun 11, 2012
    1. Snorunt conservationist
      Snorunt conservationist
      The burden of proof was on them as I said before. If they had provided evidence (like I asked for several times) I would have countered in turn. To be honest, I barely wanted to get drawn into the debate, but their inaccurate pseudo intellectual diatribes pissed me off the the extent that I had to do so.

      I also feel slightly dirty being morally chastised by someone who is openly willing to admit they "don't care" about this, and be so blase when describing how riots work.
    2. Snorunt conservationist
      Snorunt conservationist
      Oh right, so now this is about me being rude? Why didn't you say so. Make up your mind.

      Again, in the early part of the debate, I was responding to erroneous claims made by others. The burden of proof remained on them.
    3. Snorunt conservationist
      Snorunt conservationist
      You know Snorunt you tell alot of people they are factually incorrect without giving any solid "facts" yourself.
      Read the whole thread please. Also note that a lot of people have the burden of proof upon them.
    4. Profesco
      Good arguing with you.
      Likewise. =)

      Here, I brought something I thought you might find interesting! Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain, by neurologist Antonio Damasio. I'm not sure if there's anything specifically on free will in there, but it certainly piqued my curiosity. Part of both of our arguments touched lightly upon consciousness and where/what it is, right? Maybe this guy'll help us understand something new. I'm going to try to read this book after classes are over, somewhere around January.
    5. GhostAnime
      Basically all (well most at least) religions are explanations of what our five senses pick up.
      Science does that too but in a slightly different way, but lets not get into that.
      Religion is an 'explanation' of our five senses... but how? We can't sense God. Most of what we 'sense' has been explained by logic or science. Everything God related is word of mouth.

      And all these arguments we do against each other are dfferent ways to prove that your way is right.
      So in a sense a lot of these kinds of arguments boil down to
      "i'm right." "No, i'm right (insert evidence)." Which is responded to as "(Counter evidence, denial of evidence, Clarification, etc.) so i'm right."
      Maybe to the neutral observer, but there is a clear difference between science and religion, and that difference is noticed in the past couple of centuries.

      But if it comes down to it you can't actually prove anything anyway.
      You're right. Theists haven't proven anything. Non-religious don't have to prove anything.
    6. RayRay
      It's called emotional wellbeing. If someone is emotionally unstable or unwell, they are more likely to get to that place, i.e. suicide. Some people with Cancer want to kill themselves. Some people with Cancer want to live it out to the very end. Some people don't have cancer, but may be unwell mentally. Some mentally unwell people want to kill themselves. Some mentally unwell people want to live it out until the very end. Everyone is different. It doesn't mean that it's wrong.

      I don't wish to talk/debate about it any longer. It's taken me a damn long time to get to the stage where i, personally, actually want to live and die a natural death.
    7. Jumpman93
      Hope you can log in tomorrow.

    8. Jumpman93
      Yes, but seeing as you and ?????? were the only ones who weren't actually "flaming" me... I tend to do that, not explain things, but I really thought I was being thorough. I guess it's like trying to explain physics; unless you know the other party's knowledge on the subject, you're just wasting breath.
    9. Jumpman93
      I'm sorry you're on the chopping block for this. I was trying to start a debate, but I guess I was a bit more... "passionate" than I meant to be. <_<;;

      I hope you can forgive me.
    10. Jumpman93
      You seem like a very nice person, and I hate to fight with people just trying to keep the peace, and I'm sorry. But as much as I'm being called close-minded, they're being close-minded. As much as I try to see other's views, this is a topic I firmly stand my ground on. I'm definitely not posting there ever again.
    11. The Director
      The Director
      yeah you got to say the evidence is stacked against him.
    12. muumajii23
      DUDE! I loved your "Jesus was gay" idea!

      xD I nearly died laughing!
    13. The Director
      The Director
      I've played the games since the original Red and Blue. I haven't watched the anime in ages but i've got back into it. But i'm just here to talk about pokemon. Anime or game. And maybe battle. Oh and of course shipping (how could I forget that?)
      Pokeshipping forever (sorry May and Dawn, Misty was first).
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