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The Doctor
Last Activity:
Feb 11, 2018
Jan 15, 2006
Likes Received:
Nov 9, 1992 (Age: 27)
Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy

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The Doctor

Absolute Beginner, 27, from Interzone

The Doctor was last seen:
Feb 11, 2018
    1. TheMainPowerHouse
      DC-Now time to contine with the rest of ur ES u have shown,
      Dr animo= Bane,Okay u got me there.But searching through the DC universe,Considering that he wuz Somehow "the void",There is an ACTUAL villian called "the viod.Also He acts more Smarter rather than a pshycopathic manic

      Manny is the the Tetramed (dnt know if u ****ing know what they are) from AF.Cyborg is the African/American Cyber Enhanced Teenager from Teen Titans

      "More of a recycle of Heatblast."
      nothing like heatblast AT ALL!!!!!!
      let's do a comparason
      -They are both black
      -they use heat-based blasts
      -They look EXACTLY alike in human form,only alen is more younger
      -and they sound Similar too

      Now Heatblast and allen
      -Heatblast is more of a Walking "fire skeleton",While alan is the Fire man
      -Heatblast is more Beefier and muscular,Alan is more skinnier
      -Heatblast CANT fly,Alan (somehow) can
      -it goes on

      Again u need to stop posting nonsense considering that u have not watched Any of them.
      In ultimate alien,The blue unamed alien wuz never given a name.Until full confirmation came.The name of the Blue alien is Fasttrack
      so Fasttrack=Beastboy+flash
      He doesnt have shapeshifting powers,He just LOOKS like beast boy only he is blue and wears no clothess.The way he runs is exactly like the Flash's.
      And even if Those Powers are Common,They still look like them anyways.
      And if u look at him more...HE LOOK EXACTLY LIKE NIGHTWING!!!!!

      I also forgot to put one more person.....
      Gwen=Green Latern.
      Before u say "OH **** NO,SHE DOES NOT"
      She is
      She can project sheilds and blast them,The only difference....
      1-She is a girl
      2-she is young
      3-her powers are purple.
      So yeah,And i aint comparing her to the Classic Green laterns,I an Comparing her to the Black Green Latern From Justice League

      That about sums up my reasons
    2. TheMainPowerHouse
      DC-now for this Finnale *clears throat and runs through the list*
      "Yes, because an intergalactic conqueror and a monster clown have never been done before! THEY'RE TOTALLY RIPPING OFF DC OH MY GAWD

      For the record, they were like this in the original series so this falls at the door of Man of Action."
      U r just a ****ing Dumb ***,They were NEVER always like this!!!!!!!For a stupid ****er who says he doesnt watch The shows that much,he decides to BS......u r more like ES (elephant ****) to me.
      In the original Ben 10,Vilgax wuz A conquering warlord.He wuz a a CRIMINAL!!!!!! He wuz after that Ship Attack Incident,He wuz Cybernatically enhanced.Thanks to his cybernetic enhancements, he became much taller and was granted immense strength and near invulnerability,allowing him to easily leap above skyscrapers and survive in space.His arms were equipped with boost steroids, allowing him to increase his own strength even further at will.Though it causes him great pain, the boosters give him enough strength to smash apart mountains with his bare hands. He proved to be quick, strong and durable enough to withstand Heatblast's most powerful firewave, break through Stinkfly's goop and once stop a full-speed XLR8. Diamondhead once shattered his own fist against Vigax's bulk. For most of the original series, Ben was unable to defeat him alone, always winning thanks to external help. Once Ben gained acces to Way Big, he was able to defeat Vilgax with ease (the first alien to do so).
      Dnt believe me look at this http://ben10.wikia.com/wiki/Vilgax
      Also Zombozo wuz never like that either,In the Original Ben 10,HE HAD DARK POWERS!!!!!!!He had the power to feed on people's souls Via laughter,He wuz able to manifist the entire environements by boggling into Ben's Phobia of Clowns.He even Badly beat Wildmutt with no effort.
      In Ultimate alien,He somehow doesnt have any powers,tends to joke TOO much,and uses goofy gagets....It goes on
    3. TheMainPowerHouse
      17 and 16-And im getting Annoyyed with ur Pathetic Nonsense!!!!!!!.And if u think Searching through the post is annoying THEN WHY WASTE TIME READING IT!!!!!!! again ur just a ****in troll
    4. TheMainPowerHouse
      20-Again Man of Action did not make it AT ALL!!!!!!! and even they did,They would have hire more betr writers.They did not stay with Ben 10....Also Even if they did made them then how come Generator Rex is Exactly how Ben 10 is suppose to be????
      Dwayne MCCSHITTY wuz incharge of the whole,He wrote the story and did everything.So MOA would never accept That fatbastard,Cuz for one two reasons
      1-He has no expierence with Independant shows like Ben 10
      2-He only grew up with DC
      so no,They would hire a more Casual Writer.So again MOA WUZ NOT INVOLVED!!!!!!!
    5. TheMainPowerHouse
      Mccshitty-Try and ****ing make me,U aint my ****ing parents,If u dnt like what i ****ing say HA then y dnt u grow up
    6. TheMainPowerHouse
      6-"Just looking through scenes from the original, plus AF and UA, at a casual glance, I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference in visual style, to be honest. Considering Man of Action did produce this, I'd expect them to be about the same" Man of action DID NOT MAKE THIS(i'll explain later)
      and Again,LOOK AT AF/UA's ANIMATION!!!!!!! They look nothing alike compared to the Original Ben 10.The original Ben 10 had more stylized well developed animation.They were realli powerful,Considerering all the action and love the crews(especially MAN OF ACTION) have done to it.Either u compare them or piss off
    7. TheMainPowerHouse
      7-I SAID THAT IT"S NOT REALISTICALLY TONED!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt say it's suppose to be real....I meant that it's nothing like real life....Ben 10 is suppose to be a more Realistic tone (real places,seriousness,action....u name it all) But AF and UA hasnt shown any of those realistic elements the Original Ben 10 wuz shown(And This is AF/UA being unrealistic,Not the classic for it has shown many of it's realism)
      I think it's just ****ing BS that u dnt bother to watch Any of them at all.I'll show u for example,Jetray is suppose to be light and hollow,In one episode he could baely life a rock,But in that Albedo episode,Jetray wuz able to lift humoungosaur.Spidermonkey is suppose to be agile and swift,but in another episode it was shows how much he is clumsy.There are no people around,I mean Whenever a Random Alien shows up and Attacks,There are no people around.One episode,Annoying brothers showup in an open neighbor hood making alot of noises with explosions,No one is around. Annoying bros appear again this time in a city,No one is around. Charmcaster Appears in with army of monsters in smoothie stand,No one is around....I can just keep going.
      That pretty much explains AF/UA's UN-realism
    8. TheMainPowerHouse
      8-"As a casual viewer, it's pretty much the same type of humour in all three series"
      again u oviously dnt bother watching it at all,AF and UA lacks alot of humor,they just try to be funny.....again DNT BOTHER WRITING ****!!!!!!!!
    9. TheMainPowerHouse
      9-you havent seen AF or UA.....DNT BOTHER WRITING ********!!!!!
    10. TheMainPowerHouse
      the qoute-All the actors u have listed (except Bradley Baker and John DiMaggio) have not played anypart in AF or UA,so that's just BS.Aslo they played most of the part in the original series..God where the **** do u get ur informations?
    11. TheMainPowerHouse
      No i will be providing evidence of ur nonsens
      *clears throat*
      5-Countless of Times there have been NO connections at all.
      -Gwen wasnt innately magic,she got her magic by CHARMCASTERS SPELL BOOK!!!!!!!!!
      -Fine,But that doesn mean u should MYSTERIOUSLY bring him back.Also Dr.viktor wuz thrown in the null viod by kevin....Viktor accidently blasted a portal to send ben to another dimension(Which Ben backfires)...so technacilly ben wuz the one that sent him to the null void,not kevin
      also NOBODY cant escape the null void,Max Tennyson has stated that MANY MANY TIMES.
    12. TheMainPowerHouse
      Okay U r nothing but a dumbass mother****er who is too blind to see **** cuz what u have posted is nothing but BLANK TALK!!!!!!!!!!!! U just a godamn troll
    13. TheMainPowerHouse
      alright look at the thread again,I have given more Detail and Betr explanation now
    14. TheMainPowerHouse
      Fine im goin back to the thread so that way I CAN FURTHER explain things
    15. Soroft
      Your sig. 'Nuff said.
    16. Lucario0708
      you quite possibly have the best sig ever


      O_O -> -_- -> *snap* -> X_X
    17. The Black Glove
      The Black Glove
      Well, let's see... if he is younger, he could have had parents before him, but then he doesn't seem quite like the wise wandering man he is. If it was a move tutor move I would say he could have learned the move from someone else... Substitute and Double Team are both deceptionary moves he could use to evade a foe better, hell, Quick Attack could probably work too. As for Detect... I dunno. See if you can find a way.
    18. .:Lemon Tea:.
      .:Lemon Tea:.
      Happy late birthday! Congrats on attaining full legality! Good luck with school and all that jazz.
    19. Profesco
      Happy birthday, The Doctor. Have a good one! =)
    20. Shadow_Lugia_XD001
      Dude, I just wanna say...I. Love. Your. Sig!

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    Nov 9, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I've beaten up gods and stolen their lunch money.

    Setting fire to children's dreams, terrifying SPPfers everywhere.


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