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  • No, you aren't picking on me per se, you're just very annoying, I'm surprised that you are even on here arguing with me...

    No, I didn't say "Stop posting or I will tell Mods", I said, "People shouldn't complain".

    YOU shouldn't respond :/
    You really seem to have nothing better to do than to bug me...

    My "opinion" is that people shouldn't complain about books, so it fits in well in an "opinion" thread.
    Doctor! I love your Epicurus quote. <3 Deductive reasoning is probably my favorite method for problem-solving. Is there any reason why you chose that particular excerpt for your signature?
    I already knew that, but it can't bring the joy only the anime can...

    Oh well, the One Piece anime will get released over here eventually...
    Oh yes. It's a very refreshing and original Anime, it's kinda like Ouran Host Club- no not with the plot or anything both are vastly different. But I mean the characters, plot and such. And one of the few anime's I've not minded watching with subs.


    That's just the intro. :d
    I wasn't really trying to start a debate, was just pointing out if God was everywhere in life; telling us what to do. Protecting us from everything. Etc etc etc, then how would that be living? Mean it wasn't even like that in the garden of eden- that's what I was getting at.

    I just don't get why people complain when God does not show 'himself' epically, when for a long time people have been trying to rid God from their lives.. and well the fact like I said, how would it be living :s

    It'd be like living with your parents, but no free will to choose what to do or what not to do- if they ordered you to do something, you'd have to do it. That's kinda what I mean. God doesn't tell people to kill others. God doesn't make people want to hurt others. God gave us a choice to not do this.

    Sides if he did show up, would you want to see Las Vegas turned into another Sodom? :v

    poof. Salt everywhere.
    Do I take that as a yes, then? =P
    And I never knew there was a play. The "Faust'" I had in mind was a nickname for a doctor in a game, and it fits with your nickname. XD
    This is mostly at your sig quote, but, it's called Free Will, out of all of God's creations, we were the only ones graced by it- then we fell when Adam and Eve ate that damned fruit.

    I mean what good is it to be good, if it's not your choice, to do right and not wrong. That's not good. That's just controlling.

    Like Sims :v
    XD you win. I'm not the most active person ever XP

    A brilliant, hope they're going well ^_^ And there is nothing better than finishing up, just finished my art course and I've never felt better =D
    Hah hah, shouldn't I be saying that about you? I haven't seen you around in ages...or maybe its my lack of being here?...Hmmn lol

    I am fine thank you ^_^ What about you? =D x
    This may be late, but I laughed so hard that tea came out of my nose when I read Flemming's bizarre rants. So us aspies are like Jesus? *Snrk*

    I am way too tempted to show this to my friends. It's... hilarious.
    Aspergers have been viewed upon as a weakness. But we are the closest to God. We got the same mind as Jesus, the savior. Don't you see it? You and I are better than the rest.
    Doctor, I've figured it out! I know who Kira is!!!
    Aparently I "Owe his superior being type a lot."

    He seems to forget that people who also have aspergers (Including you, of course) agree his ideas are stupid.
    His mind was superior. So is ours. That is, IF Jesus was an aspie, which I beliee he was. End of story.
    Jesus was superior, due to being an aspie. That was my theory. So the rest of us aspies would be superior, too. Nothing said about being closer to God.
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