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  • To me a treasurer would be wasted potential.

    And I fear Chimchar15 doesn't understand the meaning of a running joke.
    Can you give me another reason why the Strawhats don't need a treasurer on their crew? I'm just repeating the same 5 things now.
    I'm actually nine months older than you, so ha! Though, IF I weren't born premature that'd be another story...
    I never said you didn't do anything. Did I?
    Thanks, I will go change that right now.
    *reference to his/her post on my page*
    And for some reason, you're still on mine. Maybe it's a limit or something?

    EDIT: I click on Page Three on your friends lists and I'm there. Maybe it was a little glitch or you overlooked?

    Wassup the Doctor? I just recently watched some of the ''new'' Doctor Who episodes...must say, I was ill impressed compared to the old ones, and rather confused, but I saw them in late season, so that is probably why. Anyway, how's life? Everything in order I presume?


    *Ninja Poofs*
    XD My irl friend's always telling me about internet memes, and some of them are just so utterly ridiculous that I can't help but join in (so long as it doesn't include me become a /b/tard). Sure Chuck Norris was a jerk about getting that book of quotes published, but the quotes themselves are still so hysterically awesome that I can't help but physically lawl at some of them.

    And nah, don't worry about it. :p

    Quite well thankyou Doctor, I managed to get a Distinction in my art and design course and I also managed to make up for my high school mistakes by getting a C in Maths and a B in english which is, in many ways, thanks to this site =D. Oh and I saw your sig did you enjoy your vacation?
    Dun dun dun! I'm back! Yo!

    So very sorry for not being able to reply to your message a month back. (Prolly didn't dissuade you from thinking of what happened with the boat >.>).

    Happy to say I'm still and alive and kicking. Just extremely busy (<--understatement). I apparently made a hectic Highschool Senior life just more hectic by adding a whole lot of extracurricular activities and the like- Varsity Team, School Play, School Magazine Editor from what I can remember.

    I probably won't be able to get on for some time; the only reason I'm on right now is because Quarterly Exams are up and all other activities have been postponed. I've never been so relieved to ever have an exam my whole life until now, methinks. Won't stop me from trying though. I'll be trying to get on again 'specially since 1st Quarter is over and the activities are dying down...I hope *gulp*.

    Thanks for the concern (I think.)

    PS: I haven't been just dillydallying. Whenever I'm tired of listening to the teacher (a sad truth, apparently), I'm usully making random stories and plotlines. You'll be the first to know that, by the time I'm free again, y'all can expect a mess of rpg plots and ideas. XD
    Of all people to lose my no-visitor message virginity to...

    Anyway, you're right, it's pretty much always history that gets me, too. I usually finish appearance, personality, and all that stuff within a few days, but history? I'll be lucky to finish it in the next week.

    But yeah, Blitz is probably going to be my fail safe mechanism in case I can't think up a better character. I don't seem to be RP'ing much on SPPf anymore, so I just thought I'd think up a few characters and rotate between them.
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