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  • Your Josh off MMC?
    Oh my gosh, I'm your biggest fan!

    But seriously, if you are, happy birthday.
    Matty G is right, Doc. Penis Doctors actually exist.

    And if you don't like him, don't bother with him, attention seeker.
    Relax man. I don't care that much about forum rpg's. Just figured I'd make that character to have some fun with my cousin who told me to go on here with him.
    I didn't intend on my post to convince her to let me in on the rpg anyway.
    The way I act on a forum does not directly relate to my real personality.

    Thanks for caring or whatever, but I'm good.
    It was me indeed.

    The user was honestly too stupid and a damn liar to be an authentic crybaby like Johnny. Therefore, I decided he was a troll. I also asked to have him IP banned.

    We won't be seeing him again.
    I know, I just prefer the Japanese with the english subtitles. If say, DragonballZ I grew up with that, in english, so there I can't stand the japanese with the subs; however with Naruto I prefer the Japanese with subs, rather then the English.

    I never did say English Dubs suck, I said I do not prefer them, and in modern times, they aren't as good as they were, with all this censorship. Take deathnote for instance. I've never prefered the anime in that matter, I've only read the manga, and after seeing the anime bridge so differantly then the manga which I read first, I just don't view it in the same way.

    The Doctor, we are all entitled to oppinions, so I am not against English Dubs, I will watch them ((with exception to Bobobobobobo, that is an EVIL show)), I just prefer a simplar term as in watching it on my homescreen computer, the animes by my own schedule.
    >.> forums ate my reply...

    But no not exactly a bionic foot that way.. more like metal in my foot and leg, but that counts as bionic doesn't it? :d

    And ty for your concern *offers a cookie*
    ...To add on to Cdra's conversation with you, since KH: EE is BOTH our creations ((*cough* I came up with the name *cough* ...among other things...))

    Heh, ya I am fine with you using the KH: EE, and I plan on bringing it back as well, with a large recalibration. Also, yes, Aether indeed, Cdra and I had a large debate on about Aether one night, and it clearly has become one of our favoured elements, what isn't there to love about an enlightening divination element? Though, Aether is also a more so abstract element, and Cdra and I really simply wanted the core elements back then...with the exception of the non-elemental ''element'' steel, which was rather talked down about by someone...

    Anyway, upon my own comment now:

    Harlem Nocturne We needs to talk about that, no? I've been brainstorming, but I need someone with an MD in Role Playing to assist me here, though I myself have the Doctorate of Philosphy P: ((emote stole'd from Cdra)) ...

    I am beginning to make it more "Real World" oriented, and by that, involving an unknown term to many "Physics..." and its set in the future The Doctor, sooo....mwahaha, we get to ''predict'' our own destructive path, the world might go in the next 20-50 years, or greater, it depends....As that as it may, I plan to have the RPG in a cityscape of America, cause despite all the yellow journalism the World gets about America, America is possibly the most liberal vs. Ethical warzone I can think of....yeup, plus highly leading in many fields including sciences...

    On a third note: Naruto? Yesh, non? I remember you planning on doing a remake of that RPG, and if ever so, I have my Doctor character still in reserve...heh....

    Well see ya around

    *Inserts Dialtone representing a hang up of Chris stating the random conversation post is over?*
    Were you even involved in that? Even if there's something to apologize about, it happened ages ago. I don't hold anything against you right now in the slightest. Besides, if anything went wrong there, I don't remember it anyway. Forgiven in half a second.
    Cheers, nice of you to say. And despite my terrible memory, I do infact remember that thread. Being a film lover is a great passion of mine and as much as I'd like to say I am a film buff, there is a lot of classic and renowned films out there I've yet to see and / or re-visit to truly appreciate. And I'm rambling..
    :p I wasn't worried. I just was wondering if you did. Which is cool. It is a little weird that we happened to make such similar characters though. xD But I guess great minds think alike? And use the same inspirations. yay.

    And I certainly don't mind if you use any of those concepts. Heck I'm honored that you'd want to. Compliments make me feel warm and fuzzy. P: And I do intend to bring that rpg back sometime. Just when is the question. I have trouble with time; it doesn't like me.

    Aether = coolest element ever (and a very cool name for a nonsense companion ;D). Unfortunate that it didn't make the deadline for our EE elements. xD
    Out of curiousity, did you use my Xiphias Haruspicis keyblader as an inspiration for Kenshin? xD they both have Heartless forms that work about the same way... lol'able either way it goes.

    P: Or maybe we just both happened to make keybladers with vizard tendencies.
    Aww thankyou Doctor, thats made my day :D. I do realise that my grammar is a setback but I am working on it the best I can .
    I've been fine, but you don't have to spell my name all fancy-like (I just don't capitalize the vowels). XD "Chesh" is all right.

    But yeah, mostly been concerned with school, essays, the SAT, and writing screenplays. When I started writing Oaken Falls again, it was this huge leap from the screenwriting because I've been writing in the present-tense for months. xD Past-tense really threw me off.

    And how are you? :3
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