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  • U still cant see it dnt u?????? that's like saying Emboar and Rhyperior arent alike either right???Wrong!!!!!! they are alike, just look either u look or piss off
    And even if Darkseid isnt loyal,then explain why he stood up for his people when he wuz attacked by brainiac
    I said nobody CAN'T escape the nullvoid,I wuz just explianing the means of escaping.
    If u were stuck in the Null void,The only way out is Nullvoid-based machines or Max himself.If u find Max,Ur lucky but if max is not in the Null void then goodluck tryin to escpae Cuz All Nullvoid Based Tech are on the realworld....What im saying is that....U can go in...But u cant come out
    Lol no ****,U suck at Sarcasm. Besides why should i Be attracted to a ****ing dumbass who hasnt heard of texting. Besides ur more of an Entertainment with ur nonesense
    I do not have bad spelling or bad grammar,I am very good at those.
    This is serebii for crisis sakes
    U have heard of Texting Right??????? I guess u dnt Cuz Texting is a Form of Short Hand writing like "Stfu,or WTH,Lol,wuz,dnt,fck,jfi,cuz,or anything that can be abreviated to short hand words". Besides u have very terrible Spelling and Grammer.
    Fasttrack Looks Exactly Like Beastboy,Feline-looking or not He still looks like him cuz They have the Same stature,the same body movement (not talking about speed) and of course...The fangs.Also He does look Like Nightwing,and it aint a cioncidence either.

    Also the green lantern (oh yeah LIKE I DIDNT NOTICE THAT!!!!!!!,I wuz just trying to tell u which Green Lantern I meant)
    The green Latern Displayed in JL only used partial of his classic powers,The only thing he Does in JL wuz Produce Shields and Fire spheres,
    Gwen in AF and UA does that too.But if she does start forming jackhammers and Chainsaws then that proves how much DC-like it realli is thanks to that fat****.
    "and other crap that sounds like i wuz hitting my hed on a keybord LISTEN TO ME I TALK IN ALL CAPS IM IMPORTANT" HAHAHAHAAHHA that's how u type???? Wow I think u need to go to a Therapist or somethin.If therapy does not Work,Dnt worry Im already Gnitting a Strait Jacket for yah

    The vilgax Being,Criminal Warlord that is not what i said.I said He wuz just a Criminal,I meant to say he wasnt a warlord,that wuz a typo.
    The Vilgax displayed in AF looks and acts Exactlylike Darkseid i mean look
    -Same voice (almost)
    -Loyal and Honorable to both their enemies and their people (IK darkseid treats his people like slaves,but his people still look up to him...even when badly beaten by superman)
    -Hell if u look at him more,They look exactly alike only Vilgax is Bigger and more alien while Darkseid is more Apocalyptic

    Now let me tell explain about the ORIGINAL VILGAX!!!!! *clears throat*
    Vilgax Was a Criminal,He wuz Feared throughout the entire galaxy.By the time He wuz Badly Injured By Xylenes Ship,He came back more Cybernetically Enhanced which made him more Powerful,Stronger,And Ruthless.
    Now let me tell u something u need to know about Original Vilgax'
    -He cares for no one but himself
    -He is loyal to no one
    -He is very Ruthless and Violent in Combat
    -He is Cybernetic
    -He is more Deviative
    -Has Durable strong body
    -Very fast
    -Very Strong
    -more warlike
    -None of Ben's Aliens have ever defeated him (except for way big....if u've seen "secrets of the omnitrix")
    -it goes on

    The Af vilgax on the other hand is
    -Too loyal and Honorable
    -less warlike
    -too knight-like
    -too weak
    -relies on powers
    -relies to much on swords
    -it goes on

    So yeah,U Obviosly watched AF and UA first rather than the Original Ben 10

    Now for manny,Does having a robotic arm count as Cybernetic???Yes,cuz if u have any Robot body parts,U r a cyborg unless if ur talking about Darth vader and General Grevious Cyborg??????
    "Love you too" Wow ur Gay HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA wow so u must be lookin for another gay person HAH???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH well good luck finding one cuz that gay person aint me
    The null void...The reason why Ben 10 escapes the Null void is the Projectors.Ill show u
    -Max sent Gwen to retrieve ben while Holding the Null void Projector before it automatically locks.
    -When Gwen couldnt hold the door way to the NV,The only way Ben got out wuz by Max
    max and other Null void Related machines are the only ways of escape.
    How much of a dumbass r u????? Im not sure if u've watched the original ben 10 at all???If u hadnt done notice Steve Blum was the Original Voice Actor For VIlgax,Tara strong only played in ONE role.Jim curry wuz alright.so is James remar.
    But the actors displayed in AF and UA Performed HORRIBLY!!!!!!!.
    Also James Remar must have been confused when he wuz called to voice vilgax.(considering that vilgax wuz voiced by Steve Blum) so yeah U r the one that has to more research.
    Dwayne is only capable of doin DC shows,Not independant shows like ben 10.
    ALso the Original Ben 10 wuz Already acclaimed,And like U said urself u barely even watch the Original Ben 10. The Original Ben 10 wuz Well done and well written,and like all great successful shows,It even got a movie. So again MOA would Never appoint a Fatshit like Mccdouchy Run an Independant show Cuz All he is good is DC shows.I believe u r the one that should do ur research dumb****
    17 and 16-So WTF u complaining about u stupid shithole.
    And how the **** did I brought this to myself???? It's not my fault i dont use Serebii alot........U just posted a comment to my Chatbox,so u expect me to ignore an un-answered questions on which u posted???? Lol u dnt even know me at all HAHAHAHAHA
    Oh yeah and
    Dwayne Mccdouchy-HAHAHAHAAHAH it's funny to me...Dnt like it Then GO KISS MY ***!!!!!!I can laugh at whomever and whenever i please so **** off!!!
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