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The Flash
Last Activity:
Mar 2, 2017
Dec 13, 2008
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The Flash

I like shorts!, from In your bathroom...

The Flash was last seen:
Mar 2, 2017
    1. Ace Of Keys
      Ace Of Keys
      hi nice to meet you
    2. Noctourniquet
      Yea. It's become inactive lately, though. I;m going to try and find a way to fix that... You'll notice that pretty much all of its members are experienced in the BF. IIRC, almost all of us have broken 100.
    3. Noctourniquet
      Lol, fair enough. But yeah. Basically, its main aim to to have an archive of Pokémon that can perform well in the BF to give us a response to the AI's Hax.
    4. Noctourniquet
      It's basically a Social Group for people to design "Tier Lists" for the Battle Frontier. Similar to the ones used competitively, but the Pokémon in the lists will be very different. It can be found here. However, you cannot join unless you have been recognised as one of Serebii's best In-Gamers.
    5. jd kids
      jd kids
      Flash your back
    6. danielni
      do you still have the heatran?
      is it okay with shinyes for it if you still have it?
      i also have some events.
    7. COKTAL
      Just look at the other opponents pokemon. they usually have 2-3 types that are on each pokemon. All the pokemon you have should have a super effective move. Which rental did you get, male or female?
    8. COKTAL
      If I did that, I'd have to have Shuckle start the battle, and Power Trick on turn 1. If not, it'll power Trick first, and get KOed before it can attack. But I might try it. That'll leave me without Sandstorm to start, though.
    9. Majiksub
      Hey Flash next time you're on would ya mind trading me a U-turn tm?
    10. Digitized
      Alright, I'll tell you then~

      I'm still training them, breeding for HP is really annoying, I'll tell you right now.
    11. -Gengar-
      OK then. Get on the BI chat then.
    12. Redcyndaquil
      Have I evver told you How cool you are? lol no but seriously WHAT????? HOW???? I know im going to have to pay for them this time.... What you want?
    13. jd kids
      jd kids
      get on chat now
    14. SSBB123
      quiet is heatrans nature
    15. Iggly
      First off, GL to you too =)
      Especially bcos "I like shorts" is my all time fave quote.
      My timezone is GMT+1 btw and Im on during weekday eves and weekends during the day.
    16. Digitized
      Huh, maybe.

      I don't have an official team ready or anything, buuuuut, yeah. Don't see why not.
    17. Dustero
      I haven't had that much luck with it. I should hopefully get it today.
    18. pkfan
      not right now, sorry, do you have a bold regice?
    19. poke_seeker
      darn alright
    20. poke_seeker
      oh and wat events will u give me 4 both leftovers?
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  • About

    In your bathroom...
    Favourite Pokémon:
    i can be seen running around yelling hydukan at people and trying to clone myself.



    Shorts are just so comfortable.


    FC: 0946 9966 5155