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The Great Butler

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  • well movie 111 and 12 had character who did nothing and got a dub name

    anyway frankly i like proof name, to me it no different if she did get a dub name or not

    good luck, i sorta having trouble figuring out how to work on oc x proof, idk how to do it.
    how come

    ikr rigght, hope =proof gets a dub name

    also idk how to edit on bulbapedia. i want to fix some pages up but iidk how
    Yeah, well chapter 17 won't be arriving for a while! My computer got taken away, but I'm tryin' to convince my parents to give it back.
    Yeah, that's why I never responded myself. Times like that, it's just best not to do so.

    Also, sorry about never actually noticing your other threads. I'm not sure what exactly was wrong with me to miss them. My best bet is I'm an idiot. In any case, the first one's actually not that bad. The battles are done pretty well especially, and I do like the reveal with Tucker.
    Brofist for your latest post on the planning thread. To be completely frank and honest, I can't really come up with any possible method involving screwing with the competition's timeline that would result in a decrease in bias. I tried to explain that no matter what, someone was going to get ignored in the end because no one reads every fic in a year anyway, but eh. I got this vibe that the only reason why my post didn't make sense was because she isn't really open to other opinions about the matter. But as the Pokémon Anon Meme on LJ hilariously pointed out recently, she just does that sometimes, right?

    By the by, I've decided to go back through your story from the beginning because I didn't even realize that it's called ^3 for a reason (which probably explains why I was so confused about who the main character was for a long while -- lol about that one for as long as you'd like), which is part of the reason why I still haven't caught up yet. Buuut it's really interesting to compare those chapters with your latest writing style, so I'm having enough fun that I might be done soon. ;D
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