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The Great Butler

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  • Hi, Great Butler, long time no see. The ORAS chapter is reaching a climatic point with the Johto trio and all Hoenn characters, including the Elite Four and Gym Leaders, working together to destroy the incoming asteroid. I was glad the Frontier Brains stayed to help out, though some people would have wanted the Gym Leaders to appear and defeat the Neo Magma/Aqua alliance, but oh well. That Ruby is always playing the lone hero in saving world, and I would have thought he learned his lesson with Sapphire back when they saved Hoenn together. He's starting to remind me about Naruto. Let's see what happens in the next half on 8/16!

    That Anabel though, riding on her Raikou like a boss. Did she have to ride on it like her trusted steed all the time? You don't see any of the other brains bust out their pokemon for transportation like that. Oh well, that's only just me. What do you think?
    Hey, you logged off so I thought I'd tell you the idea seems fine. It sounds like yours is way more extreme than mine, haha
    Good to hear that you are all right. Up and downs can be rough. Hang in there. Hopefully there are more ups than downs for you. Anything exciting going on at all? :)
    Hey, thanks. :) I'm doing all right. I appreciate the concern! I have been lurking here a bit - Been reading through a few fanfics, and I'm hoping to catch up with yours soon.

    How have you been doing? Things been going well?
    I'm glad you loved it! I was surprised about the amount of fanart she produced and I loved every one of them. Kawaii! :)
    Have you seen some of Kurotan Yamadakyo's fanart? She has tons of Anabel fanart and is a really big fan of hers! You can find her on DeviantArt and Twitter by typing her name in Google search.
    Hi Great Butler,

    Seen the latest Pokemon Adventures ORAS chapter yet? Great news, Anabel's back! Hopefully this won't be the last time we'll see from her and the frontier brains anytime soon. Things are really looking up for the ORAS manga as of right now!
    Hi, Great Butler. It's been a while, my friend. Have you heard of One Piece Treasure Cruise? It's SUPER fun! Anyways, how's it going with life right now?
    hi what up

    me nothing much just trying to find a RP partner.

    and well remember last time we talk i was writing a story well some thing happen and my once creative spark has gone so for the last four years i haven't been able to write anything.
    That seems to be the right move. Still, as long as Pokemon maintains its originality, nothing could go wrong with it. Let's not keep our hopes too high if it underperforms by the time the app is released.
    I'm also curious as to how Kusaka and the writers would put the Pokemon World Tournament in the B2W2 story. Obviously, they need to include Red, Steven, Blue, etc. and to explain the connection with their appearances in the ORAS chapter.

    As for the ORAS games, it's better "good" than never. What I believe is the makers of this game are trying too hard to appeal to the commoners because of the rise of IOS Apps and Free-to-play games. It was an ok move to Game Freak & Nintendo, but I feel as though Pokemon is losing orginality. It's hard to blame all parties involved for Pokemon to go to this path.
    That would be a very great idea to have fans look forward to. Though I'm satisfied of the ORAS games for the way they are, I was disappointed not to have the chance to battle Anabel, Juan, and other characters that were left out from Emerald. It would have been exciting to have fought anyone outside of the Battle Frontier instead of going through 70 rounds to face them and starting over whenever you lose. Hopefully, the ORAS chapter would deliver on its promise to give the fans what they want.
    Thank you, Great Butler. Anabel has been one of my favorite characters in the franchise, especially her role in the Emerald chapter. I feel that since Brandon has appeared outside of the Battle Frontier arc in the anime and his Regi trio has been borrowed by Palmer to obtain Regigigas, perhaps Anabel deserve to have another chance of appearing again. Since the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise is this year, it would be a great thank you gift to all fans by bringing every character back for this milestone.
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