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  • Dear person receiving this letter:

    Whatever you did to contribute to my experience these past five years, whether it was the Pokemon we traded, the amazing artwork you did for me, the jokes we came up with, the silly debates, or anything else, I want to say thank you for giving me the chance to be what I am today! To celebrate my five years of existence on SPPf, today I decided to do a throwback thing to my early days back in 2011. My avatar, signature, and everything else is a complete replica of what I was five years ago: An eater of Durant! You and about everyone gave me a truly unique experience I'll never forget and I'll return the favor by continuing on what I do best: To be a member of SPPf! Thank you for everything and may we all hope that poutine gets its popularity skyrocketed in the United States!

    Sincerely, Duranteater/your boss/YourPermanentRecord631/Dragalge

    Ahahaha, yeah I have a facebook. And I'm surprised you guys wanna talk to me. I've been wanting to tell you guys about my endeavors after our SPPF adventures. I'll send you a link to my facebook in PM. ^_^
    It's okay.
    Yeah, but Beedrill does have to work with below average speed the turn it Mega Evolves. But I still think this could make a good Mega Beedrill set:

    Beedrill@Beedrillite (or whatever it's Mega Stone is called)
    Jolly/Swarm -> Adaptability
    252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
    -Poison Jab
    -Fell Stinger
    -Knock Off
    -Baton Pass
    Same here! I've been developing a team to possibly run on the free mode of ORAS doubles Battle Spot using Primal Groudon and Mega Houndoom.
    I'd highly suggest that you do tell your guidance counselor about it. [And if that guidance counselor ends up saying that would be a waste of time or not a good idea, then he/she is just stupid and too busy huffing on their own horsesh*t. >~> Because no guidance counselor should tell you that your career is wrong for you unless if you say you wanna blow up cities or whatever.]
    A QA Tester for video games is someone who tests the "Quality Assurance" of a game. Basically, you play the game and see if it plays smoothly. I know that this is a job. I imagine you would have to work for a certain company like Bungie or something. Bungie is the team that makes the HALO series and the upcoming game Destiny. Have you ever spoken to a teacher or guidance counselor about become a video game tester?
    I haven't been on in so long. XD

    BTW, Ian, I'd recommend looking into becoming a QA Tester for video games given your interests. Sorry for the EXTREMELY late rely but there you go. ^_^; I'll try to sign on... whenever I can... XD
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