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  • Sorry, I thought I made my point clear. Votes are to be sent by PM or visitor message to two judges, who will count them.
    Well from the looks of the preview, Dawn will do some sort of acting. heheh. You heard about the new zelda wii and mario galaxy 2?? pretty awesome things are going to show up on next year.
    Hmm… Angelo is fine, and that might actually be it. As I see Ash and Dawn’s romantic friendship, their optimism, innovation, and curiosity has inspired me in developing my overall argument for freedom… which has been at stake for Iran since last Friday. The IRG has been in a turbulent tug-of-war with Twitter and other websites to prevent information from spreading out across the globe, but those computer junkies are fighting back as they know how. You could say that after eight years of running on separate paths, my interest in Pokémon and my interest in politics have collided to produce my support for Pearlshipping, leading up to that Spear Pillar showdown, perhaps with special appearances by Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Between this battle for the Pokémon world’s future and the battle for Iran’s future, I should have a rather compelling few weeks ahead of me.
    The other Pearlshippers seem to be doing pretty well with this discussion about a future double battle with Ash and Dawn on one side… right before these two kids’ encounter with Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus. Yet, what is most prominent in my mind as of this moment isn’t necessarily Ash and Dawn’s romantic friendship by itself, but the biggest factor behind some of the big interests influencing my support for Pearlshipping. You see, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards may have just launched a coup by rigging the “presidential election” in Iran last Friday, and the people of that country are furiously protesting the electoral sabotage. Have you caught some news reports about it, by any chance?
    NYC is definitely crowded. Going shopping in the city is torture since there's crowds of people everywhere. It's the same when you want to eat something to wait in the long *** line. I'm all, "Crap, I'm bring my food in my bag next time! D:" XD But once you're outside NYC, it's kinda boring. ._.

    And seriously? Connecticut is cool. I haven't gone there yet~ :3

    As for celebs, nah. If I saw Paris Hilton over there, I would have thrown a pebble or something. *shot*
    Ugh, definitely with ya on winter. I can't stand cold weather yet I live in NY. It keeps raining here every day when it should be sunny.

    You're kinda close! I went to California for about a week. It has awesome weather and had a fantastic time. :'D
    Hi! I've been pretty well. I went on a travel trip and had an amazing time with the guy I love. :'D Otherwise, things have been better. Thanks for asking! :3

    How have you been, btw? =)
    yeah Ocarina of Time is the best game. right now im almost done passing it, the first thing that came to my mind when I first played it was link and malon to be honest.heheh. Im at college now and I got like 2 years left til university. im not taking summer classes but im taking like 6-7 classes for the Fall term. it aint going to be fine xD.
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