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  • Ah, yes. Well, no need to worry. I've been gathering together some key factors influencing my overall interest in Pearlshipping -- and liberty -- and I have a couple of new threads in the Debate area to prove it. One is called "Minutes to Midnight: Nightmare in Pakistan", and the other is called "Modern Israel, 61 Years Later". If you wish to check them out for yourself, then you will have my encouragement. It may be appropriate for me to explain myself even further now, just I have to quite a few other individuals, including some of the other Pearlshippers. How about you?
    im done with high school, so im going straight to college. anyways, If I can recall, did you play Ocarina of Time? what do you think about link and Malon? you did mentioned something about link and malon on the pearl thread. heheh I like that pairing.
    Yeah, I think Hunter is the one who's organising this one mostly. It'll probably work out exactly the same as last time - anything made from between the end of the last AS Day and now is fair game.
    Thanks. I just remembered to read your post about your message to me. Well I still think that some of the new people people dont listen to me, anyways what do you think of the thread? PM me if you want. Thanks again and you too are my friend.
    I haven't heard of Symphony X yet. Thanks for telling me! Well here's the deal. I have no idea why people insist on ripping on Labrie anyways. Please elaborate? Well, I listen to anything I feel suits me, that includes Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive, Classical, Piano, Jazz, anything that is NOT RAP.
    By they way Horizon, I noticed your playlist of songs, and I noticed a whole bunch of Metalica songs on there. Do you by any chance listen to Dream Theater? Those guys are absolutely amazing virtuosos at their instruments.
    Email-wise? Unfortunately, I cannot say. For the fact that he got mad the last time I "gave" his email away legal reasons, I can't tell.

    But hey, why don't you ask him? :D
    haha, forreal? dude, he totally rehearses whatever he puts down on sppf. Try chatting with him on MSN, he won't seem Ghetto at all :p
    [well, hiya to you too]
    Hopefully! :D Yeah, that's the way to look at it, things can always be better :]
    Sadly D: But yeah, I've been dead there for a few months anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter so much. Oh, and lol! Niiiice XD

    (Gazmof? Our Gazmof? Psssshhhtt, he's the whitest white guy that's ever existed!)
    Representin' is going fiiine! There ain't nu'in' betta then showing my love for the numbah nine! [I ultimately fail at trying to act ghetto if you haven't noticed XD] How's the wonderful year of 2009 (which also happens to be the year that I'll be graduating from high school hopefully *hinthint*) treating you? :D
    Thanks for the reminder =)

    I don't know if there are plans yet (I guess not). If you have a plan, don't be afraid to share it! I think we can make a group (of judges or something) again in the thread who will make up the activities.

    I'll try to be a bit more active again. Maybe you can suggest something in the thread and we'll see how it works out.
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