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  • Hi! I'm wondering whether you're interested to be part of a story that centers itself on the shippers of the forum. We would love to see a ton of shippers get into the story, so feelf ree to read some info about it here if you're interested. If you're not then that's okay. ^^;

    Thanks for reading!
    Not bad, thanks :D Glad to see Advanceshipping Day was a hit.

    Oh, and Uza's posts are so gay.
    (Hmm, is it a bad thing to say that I personally dislike it when people refer to anything bad or stupid as gay? D: it's pretty offensive to those who are gay Dx)

    But yeah, school is stupid. Can't wait until break! :D Winter Break has got to be the best break ever. Awesome to hear from you too :D *should be asleep right now :p*
    hmm, you mean in the thread? XD lol, nothing much on my end. The best weekend ever just ended and we're back in school :p How about you?
    You know, about that... I know the theory of the Guitar, but I don't play it. I'm not going to attempt to learn it myself because I know that it's best to go with a teacher from the getgo. But, I do know Piano, and as soon as I master it, I'll go ahead and master Guitar.
    Hm. I had no idea such a custom shop existed. I thought it was an Ibanez model, but I guess not. B.C.'s got some nice guitars I just found out...
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