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  • I don't really care about natures, I love pokemon, regardless, I like to raise ones I think look good, or I think they are powerful, or they are quirky, or just for a random reason. I like it, also, I remember looking up the gender ratio once on serebii, and I might have misread it, but all larvitars are female, and every wild larvitar I've seen, has been female.

    Funny story, I think Larvitars may switch gender when they change into a Pupitar, I actually think when I evolved a larvitar, it turned male, so.... that thing might happen, but it is weird if it can happen....
    I just noticed your ID No. on pokemon is 00017, that is pretty rare, like, I have never had a pokemon from someone that has the trainer id no that is in the double digits!
    Sorry, I am so sorry, I just got an update from the little girl, I have a swarm, of snubbul, by the way, how long do swarms last? I might need to post pone the trade if they last a short period of time, if they take a day or two to disappear, then I will be online shortly.
    I am done in the league, I got that done once I got home. Also, I am kinda busy, I am having a hard time organizing a team, I always do this before I do a trade, I pick out pokemon I like, and then include the pokemon(s) I'm trading.
    Sure, I recieved your message at 8:20 AM today, so I found out the time zone difference, 7 hours, also, So it should be about 7:30 or earlier for me when we do the trade, in my case that is, it will be 12 pm for you, so, despite me not knowing your schedule, it might be hard. Also, if you need help with any further idea on the time zone, I live in Arizona, and we have mountain time I believe, and in Arizona, there is no day light saving time, so, it can get confusing.
    Anytime that isn't to early in the AM is fine with me, but if It's a weekday and it's 9AM-3:45PM, I will be at school so, anytime is pretty fine.

    Though the larvitar should be easy, I could even try to raise it into a pupitar, but I've only done that once, which I was going to give my lil sis the pupitar for a houndoom, as she has pearl, but she cried, and now I have an extra. So, I could even..... wait, nevermind, I am planning on raising the pupitar into Tyranitar. Well, I'll either have a larvitar or pupitar by the time of the trade
    I live in arizona, I am typing this at 7:57 PM, also, larvitars, they are so easy for me to catch, it's like when someone is fishing, and the fish leap into the boat on purpose. I am lazy though, so I probably won't do it right away.
    Well, I don't think I have aerial ace or drain punch. I think I have the sludge but I kinda feel it is also valuable. I'm going to try to find one of my pokemon that I think would be acceptable in a trade for a houndoom or houndour. What game version do you have?
    thanks for the confirmation. do you give them away or do you ask for a pokemon in return? Just tell me what you request and I'll try to get one!
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