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  • Rules:2 Pokémon each. No others.

    NO RESTRICTIONS!!! After you agree and I log out, we'll get down to it.
    OK. The fic takes place in Sinnoh and I also have other fics planned for the other regions as well.
    I haven't had it posted yet. I do have everything planned out and only officially wrote .1% of Chapter 1. When I do post it, I'll put a link in my sig.
    That's good. After helping out Zorua, I am a bit motivated to write my fic. I just don't have the time at this moment.
    Eventually, I asked a mod to close it. I do have big things planned, but I'm never motivated to start writing because Chapter 1 will be boring and my description isn't perfect.
    That's OK. I don't have perfect description and I do get a pretty good idea of what things look like. I remember when I was your age and I submitted a fanfic here. Unfortunately, Yami Ryu was still around.
    Want to battle? Then VM me this:
    •In-game name

    I would have to log out.
    Yeah, banners can be hard to get.

    I actually haven't read it yet. I'll check it out later today.
    Well, I wouldn't call Yami much of a troll. She's just mean and didn't know how to say that someone's writing is great in a good way.

    Yeah, that's why it's a good thing Yami isn't around anymore. After so many years, the mods finally banned her.
    Yami Ryu. Look at pretty much any fanfic from before 2010 basically and you'll see her posts.
    True. It does suck that no one has checked out his fic though. It is possible for him to request a banner in a fan art shop for his fic, or just to put a link of it in his signature.

    Since Zorua's fic didn't start out so well, it's a good thing that a certain member got banned (probably permanently because it has been so long) a long time ago.
    Oh. Well, hopefully Zorua sends all of Chapter 5 when it is ready because we could get things done faster that way.
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