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  • Ik it does... that's what I find stupid... IT should be able to own anything but it doesn't but I seriously think he should go catch an Articuno and replace Pikachu with it
    I don't know... I like Raichu better then Pikachu... but Ash's Pikachu just is different
    I know what you mean, it's so stupid he should have atleast kept Charizard. I understand why he let Butterfree go... This is my lineup for him...

    Pikachu (this thing should be able to own any E4 by itself)
    Staraptor (Only new one I think he should keep... because personally I like it better then Pidgeot... but that's my opinion) and I mean after it evolves of course
    Lol... anyways I like Misty because she has the attitude and stuff and better Pokemon... well actually May in my opinion had better Pokemon then her... but May and Dawn are hotter :D hahaha
    Lol, my sister is the one that loves Dawn (she's straight), but I really like her too, but I'm gonna stop letting her use my account :/
    if there isn't one already and it's for everyone who plays runescape, not just your friends.
    first mods always close my threads. second Erik Destler spams my inbox with
    "you have recieved an infraction" reason:spamming
    Qoute: Spppppppppaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeddddddd my own thread. when indeed this was my own thread. hmmmmmmm......
    Oh, I think I know what you mean. When you're making a post, on the Smileys sidebar if you click More, then it'll show you all the codes.

    And huh? My date of birth in my profile doesn't have a year. The only thing that does have a year is my join date, which is way different than my birthday.
    Um, I'm not sure if there's a quick page, but on the Pokedex on serebii.net, if you simply look up a Pokemon's name, it'll have all of its numbers there.
    2.I am going to guess that he chose "celebii" because its legendary and rhymes with "serebii". serebii.net came before the legendary pokemon "celebii"
    It used to be Joe's Pokemon Page, then he changed it to Serebii.net, coz that is Celebi's Japanise name :p
    You've inadvertantly looked at the 3rd generation dex. I suggest you look at the specific DPt dex
    I personally think charizard is the best with butterfree next to it. DIALGA IS BETTER THAN PALKIA. I have a lvl100 dailga and palkia and all of dialgas stats are higher than palkias and my palkia even has pkers.so this is my page
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