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  • Thanks! It was a challenge (but fun!) to make them all. I really enjoyed the last battle.

    I'm planning on having another battle with Kai later on, once some major changes come about. : )
    Sorry for the contradictory visitor messages...

    I've gone ahead and started making the comics, and I've decided to use Umbreon, Scyther, and Charmeleon. I'll likely have battles in the future with more (or different) Pokemon, but for now I'm using those three.
    Hey, another question:

    Since you and Kai678 posted teams that are (somewhat) similar (you both have Umbreon, and you both have Pokemon from the Charmander and Scyther lines), is it alright if I make the two of you into one character?
    Also, same question: Which two Pokemon from the team you posted do you prefer the most?
    Hey... out of the six Pokemon you posted, which two or three do you prefer the most? I've got you and Kai678 to have battles with in the sig fic, and I don't think I'll be able to make full battles for both of you... time constraints, personal sanity, etc. etc.
    Lol as many as you want (6 max, obviously, but it doesn't have to be the full 6, especially since I may or may not have a full battle).
    Ok guys and gals, I feel that I need to add to my breeding rules.
    I will IV breed Pokemon for you if:

    1) I feel that what I get in return is worth it for however much time and effort the Pokemon(s) take. (This usually is an Event Pokemon for 2+ difficult hatches, or other generation legendaries for 3+ easy ones)

    2) They arent ridiculously complicated (max IV's in all stats + 4 egg moves ect.)

    And 3) If you don't claim to have bred them yourselves! Really is frustrating to see on someones channel that, after I personally bred them a pokemon, them saying: 'Guys.. I just bred this SWEET Pokemon..' -.-

    Thats all, continue with your requests =D
    Sorry about the wait, I ended up being at my friend's house a lot longer than I thought I would. We watched The Godfather, lol. XD

    Anyways, a shiny Mudkip is fine~! :3 Let me know when you're on next.
    you need to wait a little bti longer, i remembered i had something else to do. ill pm youi the second i can.
    Ha ha, awesome~! XD

    Alrighty, tomorrow I'll be ready around 12PM my time (PST.) You're seven hours ahead of me, so it's be around 7PM your time, I believe. ^^

    For those two shinies I will offer one of these, whichever you want the most: Latias (was roaming Hoenn), Navel Rock Lugia, or TRU Regigigas. Interested in one~? :3
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