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The Last Jedi
Last Activity:
Feb 22, 2015
Apr 15, 2011
Likes Received:

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The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly, from Cali...forn...I...A

The Last Jedi was last seen:
Feb 22, 2015
    1. *Kyurem*
      Hello, is your Shadow Stars Ground Gym open?
    2. Aposteriori
      Your match against Hen da man waiting on you. Link Provided.
    3. Ekans647
      thanks for the pokemon!
    4. Spacial
      I'd like a Delibird if you don't mind :3
    5. DJSummers
      Do you still need that last tryout battle for the Dragon Apprentice position?
    6. Prakhar
      I have taken in your order , add me back!
      Your order-
      Scyther-4, Larvesta-6 and a Myster Egg
    7. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      I didn't think you were giving away Dittos... ANYWAY, I'm confusing things again! xD Thanks for adding me to the list!
    8. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Eh, whatever. It's probably my fault he he.

      You said something about leftovers, six IV dittos and I guess I misunderstood.

      But if you don't mind, a Delibird would be great!
    9. Top Skuttler
      Top Skuttler
      Hi Jedi! You offered six IV Pokemon on THT. I'd like one if that's OK.
    10. ThisIsPatrick
      I'll have a Delibird! Very christmasy too I like it :P
    11. Aposteriori
      Bump for orders.
    12. Aposteriori
      Don't forget to order against hen da man.
    13. Aposteriori
      You may proceed as normal now. Link Provided.
    14. SkyBlue
      crap, I don't have enough dragons for that.
      fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I'm sorry, I somehow overlooked that and wasn't sure. I could challenge yours, but not have the team for you to challenge mine.
      You'll have to ask someone else :/
      I feel horrible about that, Idk how I overlooked that so easily. for some reason I thought people were just challenging yours.
    15. SkyBlue
      also I just realized I might have over looked something, so to test you have leaders just been challenging your dragon gym team? or challenging your dragon gym team and then you challenge one of theirs? the second option is how apprentices normally get tested but I wasn't sure. or are you going for the gym position? ugh I can't even remember now. x.x
    16. SkyBlue

      thanks and your welcome! I'm not going to procrastinate on the 4 page report thats due this upcoming thursday now because of last night. thankfully after thursday I believe I have no more essays, except maybe on one or two of my finals.
    17. SkyBlue
      I literally probably just failed that essay.
      I didn't even finish 2 pages, my internet kept screwing up so what I did get done was like 1 and a half. and even then its shitty. I wrote a small paragraph of apology to my professor. thats how bad it is ;A;
      I think tomorrow will be best, I'm kind of down right now. God if I'd known my internet was gonna turn slow and crappy on me I would've done it sooner, heck I gave myself 3 hours! and I can write 2 page essays in 1! stupid internet. sigh hopefully my grades high enough that a crappy essay won't ruin it.
    18. SkyBlue
      after I finish and submit my 2 page essay I should have time to help you. if not tonight then for sure tomorrow. :3
    19. hen da man
      hen da man
      Hahaha yeah well I have a slot free on Serebii so it was my only match over there and it hasn't moved yet. I'll pop it in the queue now.
    20. hen da man
      hen da man
      Hey man, did you want to get a new ref for our match? I haven't heard from bleu in ages so it might be worth looking into getting someone so we can actually start it :/
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