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  • No Problem XD

    It was out of my usual pixel range, and it looked super weird as 50 x 50, so I finally realized I could have just added in the missing lines in paint XD

    If the league wants, I can make badges for them. Just remember, Credit please XD
    Spiritomb? ALright, I'll make it in the style I do it. I don't mind honestly, I do need to make a third one.
    I answer most of my VMs, actually, so it would been effective to do that, I do have a little no random friend requests rule, but you seem like a nice person so I'll let it slide.
    Oh yea! I can tots do that for you! I was going to PM the art mods to have my shop reopened for that.
    letting you know its extremely rare for someone do to do badge work sadly...talk to lost requiem, he can do badges...see if he will do it for you ^_^ he just started doing them...i think they look nice tbh...the person that use to do them is inactive on the forums her name was northern lights...
    hmm.. maybe a a gengar as a badge, but you can also get any other ghost-type, that's ususally a final evolution.
    About the sig, you should put
    1) Get the button URL or save it onto Photobucket
    2) Copy the URL or get the IMG code for the image on Photobucket
    3) Paste the IMG'd image URL on the Edit Signature on your User Control Panel
    4) Go to under the Size 'scroll-down-thing' and look for a picture/icon of the world
    5) Copy the manifest campaign first page link.
    6) Paste this onto the link-to-image box.
    7) Save signature
    Sup. Can you put this button in your sig and link it to the Manifest Campaign thread? if you need help on how to do that, then vm me:
    I don't have any extra Light Balls for trade however you wouldn't happen
    to have any Tamato Berries for trade do you? I don't really want to setup Join Avenue in my White 2 game just to get ahold of them... -___-
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