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  • Yeah, I guess Mega Sableye is better at first glance but Prankster is quite good on Sableye.
    But it wouldn't be a problem if I used Miis in matches against you? Assuming we get the chance to play SSB4 together, which we should.
    Miis shouldn't be a problem though, I'm gonna use Palutena for sure. :D
    One time they did was Black and White 1 with N and Ghetsis. I was literally surprised when I first seen that. And that's why Pokemon is a bit too easy, like you stated. Only 3 pokemon.
    Yeah, true. I was a bit disappointed when Lysandre or Cyrus themselves didn't had like a full team to challenge you.
    In which can be implied to the boss of Team Flare being a copy/paste of Team Galactic. Only when Lysandre had a purpose to create a new universe.
    Back on topic, at least the trainers there don't run the same stuff from time to time.
    Sane ordeal with the Battle Subway. As a matter of fact, the Battle Maison does look kinda similar to the Battle Frontier from HGSS/DPP.
    Okay, I get what you mean. I guess I was too stuck on how Random Matchups and Pokemon Showdown are. But, I find Random Matchups a bit more easier than what they were in Generation V. I found myself winning a bit more than usual. But, how are you feeling about Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? I can take a guess you'll be getting Omega Ruby. :)

    Thanks for the nature tip! Okay, I need to go to the Friend Safari thread to see who has an Ivysaur in their Friend Safari and has posted recently. Really? LOL I was not expecting that to happen, well the staff at the company are human too, so I guess they make mistakes too. LOL

    Okay, I can get it tomorrow, you're not online at the moment. Thanks so much Light! You've helped me so much I wish I could repay you somehow. (>.<) That's so amazing, I wish I had your luck. Wait, do you have the item that allows you to increase your chances of hatching a Shiny? I think it's called the Shiny Charm, I'm not sure though.
    Lol, same thing goes with Deoxys-D being banned as well. Surprisingly, no one uses a bulky variant of Deoxys-D though.
    Hi man..., do you know where I can find someone who trades me a 6IV JAP ditto?? It doesn't have to be legit..... Mine was taken... long story
    Well, you may think differently, but I like the feeling of raising that one starter pokemon, I would kinda feel like i cheated, but I do think it would be super cool if your starter was like a non-starter, like a Dratini or something, and you used that as a starter instead!
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