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  • you'll receive tons of emo's for that sig you know that...
    and i do not want to be a mod, i have other things to do instead of taking care of other people's filth.
    that's a weird question but look at it from the logic way, serebii.com + 74,000 members + growing every day + free commercials for nintendo = ???

    i think this site is worth a good amount of money, this site won't die very easy believe me, there are mods and admins who do alot as well.
    sorry master123 but i never use MSN, for worldwide communications i use this forum, all my local friends are here as well.
    there is a tread in the misc discussion section about forgotten members, the first post that was made by a mod said that fatecious has left the forums and that he ditched us losers and all that kind of stuff.

    it should be easy to find there, you might want to take a look^^
    hey the master123, it has been a while huh?
    i have some good news for you, a while ago we were discussing about fatecious right?

    well the guy left on his own now, the nag got bot bored and simply left the forums because every member got used to his big mouth lately, it's worth a celebration, i'll get myself a bar of chocolate, i advice you to do the same as well^^
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