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The Power of Pika

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  • But yea Misty being in rival like role would work just fine as well joining Ash and co for few episodes, come back for important tournaments or help to fight villains bumping in each other at times.

    It would be especially cool if at some point after traveling Ash and Misty realized how(to add on one idea on how her story could be advanced from before) if she becomes E4 and Ash wins league becoming champion they would have to face each other putting to test their relationship and if they can out aside their friendship with nothing holding them back if match happens. Match which would be remembered and
    Her return I just feel would deliver more twist to storyline through her dreams never having someone in cast who wants to reach E4 member position and this is tied to water master career on so many levels with Misty showing like you said in HOSO how she has enough charm, fun aspects and mysteries waiting to be explored about her to carry story on her own. One of things writers brought but never dive deeper in about Misty past is Misty parents who according to head writer for OS Takeshi Shudo abandoned Misty and her sisters possibly influencing her personality suppressing bad things which happened in childhood. Because aside from sisters which downplayed her as shown in OS there could be some other background leading to need for her character in becoming self sufficient, independent and tough to hide her insecurity, fears and lack of confidence. Being especially violent in early days. I mean aside from dreams, Misty had so much untapped potential in many other fields worth to flesh out being in essence very interesting character.
    Speaking of Misty personally I agree hope recurring role would be great option, though i wouldn't mind having her be in main cast again too because i think she could work even if she rejoined Ash again. Reason why Misty water master dream wasn't explored enough in OS was mainly due to different formula early anime followed being more Ash centric and writers still experimenting not being sure what to do.

    If anything if Misty ever rejoined Ash for awhile thanks to their history and knowing each other from before could allow for their friendship to grow on more meaningful and deeper level. If long distance and not seeing each other for such a long time affected their views and their once very close bond. Retell on their past adventures and revive that teasing, fire, competitive spirit and caring love they used to have. Working together on rediscovering their friendship in case they grew apart and blooming in new, fresh direction as their bond gains new dimension.
    Not to mention Ash ability to synchronize with water pokemon like Greninja working like one is something which would especially intrigue water enthusiast like her. Helping Misty in learn how to establish closer bond with her own pokemon and pull hidden strength on surface,

    And Hawaii based region would provide opportunities for Misty to compete in all kind of water related sports, tournaments serving as follow up from Whirl Cup in Hawaii based region demonstrating what she learned at gym and how much she really changed.

    Introduce fresh way of pokemon battling like underwater battles being totally amazing(like we saw in third movie when Misty fought Molly) and advance her water pokemon master career.

    Making name for herself in trying to reach E4 position becoming first female of such caliber specializing in water pokemon.
    Croatia is dealing with same issues with many of our companies being privatized and sold, highways given in concession, land given to foreign investors etc. Due to massive foreign debt country is having. I only hope our nature and most precious resources like forests and freshwater supplies wont get sold to someone else. We are one of rare countries in world which have huge amount of fresh water resources unpolluted and healthy to drink.
    So nanoblocks could be considered as more challenging firm of lego puzzles in sense? Interesting, i know such things are good for exercising your mind and encouraging creativity. Sadly in Croatia they cannot be bought.

    Hehe sounds like your a true fan., To own almost every Sonic series is downright impressive. Have fun watching Sonic Boom once it arrives. Yea when you order something online sometime it can take awhile to get there, but its usually worth it.

    Personally aside from pokemon i like Yugioh card game a fair bit so you could say i like collecting this cards and play game when i find time.

    Took a peek at Sonic amv video and i agree. Maker definitely picked right song representing well Sonic spirit and untamed nature. He did a good job with that video.

    Hmm, true signs aren't encouraging but there is still hope that we get pleasantly surprised for such milestone(like 20 years of existence). In this year its game and in 2017 anime anniversary since it came later in 1997.

    If anything they are releasing figurines of classic pokemon characters including Misty . With her Japanese voice actor Mayumi Iizuka being elated and wishing to voice Misty character again:


    So that's something to consider. :)
    Its really nothing to be ashamed of my friend. I mean in Eastern civilizations unlike in west its actually very common that some kids spend with parents whole life being in their mentality and tradition to repay back for all support and care they received from their parents. Staying with them to be taken care of once they grow sick and old feeling its their duty. At least that's what I heard in places like China, Taiwan, Japan to extent etc. Africa as well.

    Being viewed as normal there if kids either live with or not move very far away from their relatives still seeing each other regularly.

    Ahah I can imagine ordering supplies and products isn't most fun thing in the world for manager, hehe.
    Speaking of my job, well its fulfilling you could say. Making me get familiarized more with how are handicapped people living and with what kind of prejudices existing in society they're dealing with. It surprised me how warm, kind and optimistic they are leaving me admired in how they don't let their problems and issues we take for granted stop from accomplishing what they want.

    That's interesting, I had no idea Australia is establishing such close business ties with China. But than again China is incredibly fast growing economy being present everywhere, but yea there needs to be draw line and put limitations on how much land and resources of national interest will be handed over to foreign companies. Because when things get rough every country needs to have their own supplies and resources to fall back on. Because once your completely dependent on others your in trouble.
    Nanoblocks? Sounds cool, I admit i never heard about it before. But I searched a little on internet and its a bit similar to lego bricks. Glad to hear your interest for Sonic had been revived again. I remember how much you loved it being important part of your childhood and something which attracted you in animation in first place.

    This year its also 20 years of pokemon franchise, but it seems like we still haven't got anything. Although Junichi Masuda did said how new games will be different from anything else and everything will come together. Implying they might have connection to past generations hopefully.

    Also Sun and Moon games will be from looks of it based on Hawaii and presumably rich with water. Which kinda gives small hope of Misty having place(maybe recurring role) in new series due to being best character to promote water themes.

    Eh pipe dream I know.:p
    Seem like there has been going a lot in your life lately. Im sorry to hear that negative feelings overwhelmed you again. Life can be pretty tough at times and when you don't have established path to follow feeling insecure and anxious of what's going to be with you in future its easy to fall in dark thoughts. But like old saying goes "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade" , we have to make best out of current situation and see in what way this can help us move through the life.

    I mean I ended up working in association of disabled never imagining I would end up there. Working for few months already as personal assistant and I grew to appreciate it enriching me with new valuable experience.

    So even though working in retail store is not something you imagined doing for this long, try looking at it in optimistic way. Because it served purpose of expanding your experience and skills in becoming more organized as person, as well familiar with how things work in attracting customers(if im not mistaken you said your doing something regarding advertising). Plus being manager actually isn't bad occupation at all and will help you get somewhere.

    Ah seem like we have more in common than i thought. Im already 30 and im still living with parents simply not having enough money to move out. But in Croatia its normal to stay with parents until mid thirties or even 40 lol due to simply not being able to afford to move out. Not having starting capital, enough money to buy or rent accommodation, pay overheads, taxes etc.

    Economy situation in place where I live isn't that great, and if you don't have stable financial future and permanent job you kinda depend on others. But I don't see it as something to be ashamed of, because at least im helping with my paycheck to pay taxes and other costs evening things out. Beside if parents wont help you in need, who will? And vice versa helping them when they grow old and helpless.
    Its like reading half of book going on next one lol. Most of all as number of dumped characters continue to increase, chances for even reunions become from small to impossible, Due to large number of characters to give everyone some focus and dialogue in 20 minute episode or even movie like special.


    As for Ash you dont need to worry. It was confirmed in DP series through E4 Lucian how winning regional league and than entering champion league to defeat E4 and champion is just one step. Which would bring Ash closer to pokemon master goal. With there existing other steps unknown to us, because writers didn't even made him pass this one so far.

    And in interview with ex pokemon director and later storyboard artist Masamitsu Hidasa from pokebeach in 2008. He confirmed how anime will end when Ash becomes pokeon master.

    Since canon established that winning league wont make someone master only bringing you closer in fulfilling that dream. There would probably be delivered some follow up through arc dedicated in explaining other obstacles and events Ash would need to overpass to reach desired destination.

    Mr. Hidaka also mentioned possibility of Ash father appearing in main story if writers ever felt need to develop Ash character in more sophisticated way.
    We could saw evolution of relationships between his older friends strengthening on bond. Throwing new exciting and deep dimension to them revealing whole new side of those older characters and elements in their story we had no idea to even exist wanting to see how it will unfold out.

    We could had smaller, but very well and meaningfully developed group of heroes over gradual period dealing with new obstacles, learning how to leave demons from past behind. Selfquestion their position in whole journey and have all their hard work, renunciation and devotion bring results achieving their dreams and wishes eventually.

    Because i dont know. If pokemon directors idea was to treat this anime as one big on going journey with same star Ash. Than at least there should had been taken more conservative approach in not replacing main cast so often and bring back replaced older friends acknowledging their existence and influence on pokemon story. Give people update and insight in how much things changed with them and advance their stories and plot utilizing some of massive potential existing for eventful,meaningful sequels. Rather than rotting abandoned and unfinished in past losing any relevance they used to have.

    In other words ensuring to at least play recurring role remaining relevant and coming back when they could gain something from new game features and story subplots.

    But nope nothing happened shitting on their existence and potential to deliver more.

    I mean at one point we will reach 20+ replaced characters and than what? Where does this lead when writers dont even finish their stories giving us just prelude and tangle of someone story, but never culminarion and resolution. Misty is one of best examples out there leaving her water master dream and desire to live up to Lorelei completely unfinished having undefined future regarding her life and whole gym staying because of lazy sisters.
    Oh im sorry. I dont know how i could mix things up like this. I forgot that you once said how your wishing to work for animation company realizing it after going through some of older VM messages we had.

    God i feel so stupid right now, my mistake.

    I hope you will be able to achieve your dreams because your smart, talented and passionate in what your doing. Which is already three quarters of formula required for success

    Working in retail can be great stepping stone in forging your skills and ability to improvise when needed. With creation of diagrams, posters etc serving as valuable experience and chance to get more information on how advertizing, people reception and desires/needs work on market.

    Courses certainly help alot too.
    Aww opening your own animation studio would be great option too. Being youir own boss and delivering works to audience through production of cartoons. It can be stressful and time consuming job, but feeling of something being created by your own hands being liked and accepted by other people becoming fans of your work is i imagine priceless feeling and experience.

    Yep Pokemon is one of those "old like dinosaurs" anime. But still if there exists appeal for me personally when watching other long running anime like Naruto, One Piece, Dragon ball when it was still around, Inuyasha etc. Who have same characters is amount of investment staff is willing to deliver to story and cast.

    Promoting strong continuity. And allows to emotionally invest in characters seeing them evolve, gain new fresh traits and charms about themselves, reach full potential and go on deeper, more sophisticated development.

    Maybe if pokemon anime didnt exchanged so repeatedly and so often main cast paying more attention in treating series like plot driven adventure we could had series where Ash character grows in more profound, substantial ways utilizing previous experuiences and skills in new challenges. Coming closer toward his pokemon master dream.
    Yeah i know, its pipe dream and there is no chance in hell. But still i would like if writers reunited Ash with Misty and Brock to pay tribute to pokemnon roots and era when everything just started out. Saving their reunion for last pokemon saga going on one more adventure together.

    Nothing big, just one season where we get to see those three united going on mini adventure together advancing their own dreams and ambitions in Brock becoming renowned doctor, Misty becoming E4 water trainer apprentice known and respected for her skills overcoming tasks to get there advancing water master career. Ash battling his father and entering some sort of league for pokemon masters where champions from each region gathers and enter tests to qualify for big tournament where winner is decided acquiring master title. Because it would be really fun to see how they would interact after so much time of separation, remembering on good old days and reviving on comedy, flare, brash remarks and strong feelings they share taking friendship in new dimensions.

    Even though as realist i know this wont happen with Pokemon staff not having suich priorities and care for history and coherent storytelling. Like Digimon, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Winx from what i heard, Yugioh with movie for 15th anniversary paying respect to roots, One Piece and all kind of other anime do.

    It also doesn't help that pokemon fandom nowadays just dont care that older characters return being only obsessed in even more new characters joining and having mindset of pokemon "not needing stable cast, deep story or continuity to be good show".

    Well on this forum people are like that unfortunately.

    Oh you like computer gaming ? I used to play alot of games in my younger years, but obligations and all kind of occupations im currently into dont leave me much spare time for this. I only play Yugioh game on Dueling Network or Devpro sometime.
    Being in high school ready to go on college looking fantastic in that school uniforms with more mature looks adding fresh novelty to them.

    Mot of all i wander what kind of danger will allow that Digi Destined group reunites again going on entirely new and possibly hardest adventure they ever faced.

    It would be kinda cool if there existed some impediments and disagreements between Tai and rest of members. With some showing hesitation to go on mission in Digi world again having already their own directions and ives to follow not wanting to be part of it anymore.

    Well imo that would be nice way to bring some suspense and genuine drama in series.

    Digimon is example of anime whose main purpose is to sell toys and promote other products just like Pokemon. But Digimon doesn't do this at expense of butchering storyline, destroying conrnuity,dont abandon but actually use protagonist in creative ways to develop and move somewhere with story living up to potential.

    Not to mention Digimon anime doesnt forget roots and characters who everything started rewarding loyal fans by bringing those back in life going in entirely different, exciting adventures growing up.

    Pokemon on other hand sadly is anime which just cares for game promotion and sell of merchandise and nothing else.
    Writers disrespect toward history, hardly existing continuity, stagnation of main characters and abandoning previous companions like their story, impact left on anime and staying characters like Ash and everything they offered to anime was pointless and never mattered in longer run caused pokemon serie to lose identity, reputation and great deal of appeal it used to have for me.

    Low ratings and drop of interest for this show nowadays only reflect on where director policy of not caring for history, consistent development and rehash of previous plots not breaking mold has brought once great anime which had potential to be so much better.
    Great to hear. Im sure she is very grateful that you decided you share everything you know about animation, screen writing etc with her.Lucky to have such a great friend and college at work place.
    Your working for some animation company if im not mistaken, right?

    Haha i know what you mean. Fox Digimon was awesome and played vital role in Rica personality development.

    Becoming more open and considerate(kinda reminds me abit of Misty from pokemon in some aspects who was rude and harsh because of berating she was exposed to in childhood gradually warming up to Ash/Brock becoming more caring).Yet some people say MIsty didn't develop, not knowing what personality growth is .

    I was intrigued in Digimon Tamers by entirely new mechanic of humans and Digimon partners combining in mega forms becoming like one. Being fine with this because it was temporary with Digimon stll playing largely role as partners.

    In Digimon Frontier i agree, while whole spirit evolving with humans becoming Digimon in a way added novelty and some refreshing changes to anime. Using human spirits to become legendary warriors. It took away from appeal of seeing human and Digimon develop partnership and friendship. Opening foundation on which they both could grow, develop deeper understanding and reach new powers.

    Not to mention while some moments were indeed humorous with humans at first feeling awkward and having trouble in adjusting to Digimon bodies. Diapason of interactions and dynamic was kinda limited because of that and scarce. Due to lack of actual Digimon.

    Im excited just as much as you for upcoming new Digimon sereis. Radiating with lot of nostalgia and curiosity to see in what way interactions between Tai, Mimi, Joe, Sora, Matt etc will go now that theyre much older. Dealing with new issues in life as part of growing up and putting to test strength of their friendships.
    You mean something like apprentice? Its always rewarding feeling when you can pass your knowledge on someone else making you fulfilled and filled with feeling of happiness that you were able to help someone else. Remembering through him same situation you were in before.

    You started watching Digimon? Its one of anime from my childhood getting nostalgic when i hear opening for Digimon adsventure or tamers. Tamers are definitely great series. My memory is abit foggy because it passed long time last time i watched it. But i liked how particularly nuanced and uniquely characterized humans like Henry, Rika, Takato for example were. Or Digimon like Beelzemon(one with motor bike i think).

    And series took more mature, darker tone as plot further progressed caused by uncontrollable virus. Im not sure if i like it more than first and second series, but its definitely among best shows coming from that franchise.

    Speaking of Digimon im looking forward to 20th anniversary very special occasion. Deciding to make sequel featuring brand new series with original crew of Tai, Sora, Matt, Joe etc following on their lives, relationship, connections to Digimon world taking place in their teen years.:)

    I could only dream of pokemon doing anything like that. As much as i would appreciate Ash, Misty and Brock reunited for one more season together going on new, exciting journey building on friendship and their careers, dreams and untied plots i know it wont happen.
    Dont mind me, thats just my wishful thinking. :(
    Welcome back. Glad to see you again. *hugs*

    Oh you passed it? Awesome, i knew you will be able to overcome this challenge. Especially thanks to enthusiasm and new born passion you always had inside you for animation. But just needed to get some encouragement and push from outside to make you realize what truly matters to you and makes your life complete.

    You always had talent inside you and like i said earlier. That drawing of Sonic you sent to me few months ago was very good being impressed. Im amateur in this things so im not credible enough to give proper evaluation. But to me it was reflection of work from someone who has potential inside himself.

    Congratulations on successfuly passing course and i hope teacher wasnpt too strict on you. :p

    p.s. Me? Im doing alright. Tomorrow is my younger brother birthday, hopefully i picked right present for him hehe.XD I also worked for a month or so helping at statiinary store. But they needed just extra help for that period not being able to continue paying anymore.

    In meantime i applied for several announced competitions for job. Being on few interviews,. They passed well, but competition was big. So im just keeing fingers crossed, hoping for best.
    Hey long time no see. Glad to hear you decided to enroll in course now helping you to build knowledge about animation and story writing.

    I admit i never tried online course, but from what you said it seems like its lot of fun. Hehe, i know that feeling girl. Thinking your expert and well versed in occupation which interest you. Just to discover eventually how little you knew about it in reality when scratching further beyond surface.

    Same happened to me when i thought i knew alot about administration, paper work when i worked part time in some environmental and civil organizations. Just to get hit by harsh reality discovering how litte i knew about all of this when i just started out serving as valuable experience to me.

    I imagine screen writing course now opened your eyes making you see details, intricancies and methods you werent fully aware of in storyboard and animation classes you took before?
    Yeah its better to have strict lecturer who will supervise your work, wont hesitate to address mistakes and imperfections pushing you to try harder. Develop more creativity and ideas for something stimularing your brain juices to run around.

    Those kind of teachers are best ones, because they have motivation and will to teach their students something, let them explore their full potential and transfer what they know in original, memorable way.

    Im happy to hear your feeling better now getting out of depressed mood. Focusing on something which you find interesting wanting learn more, talking to others and exchanging on experiences can be great medicine to human soul.;)

    Im ok. In meantime my part time job at supermarket ended so im looking for new one. Although thats easier said than done, especially during winter where even seasonal jobs are out of option.
    But i applied to few job interviews, so well see how it goes. :)

    Oh and i also began watching new Yugioh arc V series on friend recommendation.
    Going back to your roots and Sonic which won over your heart is excellent idea to rediscover yourself through it. Remember what made you decide that working in animation industry is your life calling and what brought to you enthusiasm, that burning love for it.

    Thats first step forward. After that when you stabilize your thoughts and priorities, it might generate same result for other things. Even pokemon. But take baby steps, dont rush with this things forcing yourself into it when feeling burned out. Let it pass some time, because thrust me you will know when its right moment to go back to things which currently only make you indifferent and tiring. Because thats not good.

    My feelings for pokemon are ambivalent. I still like Ash, all those new pokemon, characters, adventures and lighthearted atmosphere. But when i look back on how much past is disrespected, how so many characters get replaced with unfinished stories and abandoned potential to take in new adventures those i grew to like(such as Misty who is all but nonexistant to pokemon anymore sadly having so much potential to do more, not feeling right to see her forgotten like that and reduced to faded memories)it makes me disappointed and mad. Disliking how careless writers are toward continuity and sense of progression.

    But i dont lose hope and still find pleasure in other things which keep me interested in this anime.

    p.s. Taking short course on certain areas can only help. It will alleviate your thoughts from current problems keeing you occupied and feel useful. It will also be of help in enriching yourself wiuth new knowledge and skills, so if you have motivation go for it girl.;)
    Dont mention it, im happy if i could help you to feel better and find strength in yourself to move forward, Each of us has its moments of sadness, when your feeling down and frustration of what is happening with our lives. When things dont go way we planned.

    But both good and bad times are part of life helping you to learn from your flaws and improve as person. It serves as valuable lesson in sorting out your priorities and what truly matters to you. Being important when feeling depressed not to let despair and fear consume you as person keeping hope and trying to maintain positive thoughts. Emerging from this as smarter, stronger and empowered with new thoughts and determination person.

    I know how that is easier said than done, but spending time on fresh air, in nature, in company of friends you enjoy to talk to and confine yourself can immensely help. Showing how everything isnt dark, how there exist lot of possibilities and directions for you to go in future living prosperous, fulfilling and happy life. As long you dont give up stumbling on obstacle and keep fighting for your spotlight and happiness.

    Yeah i figured Sonic might be one of things which ignited in you passion for animation and all those intricacies behind the scenes in bringing drawed characters, settings and story into life. Thats occupation which has its charms, noble cause in bringing light and enjoyment in other people lives teaching them moral values through your work.

    Sonic achieved legendary and cultic status with its versatile personality, strong sense for rightnes, free spirit serving as good compas in teaching you not to be bonded living life as you please, enjoyable lighthearted games and series which makes you escape from real life problems. Bringing relaxation,good laugh and stress free entertainment.
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