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The Power of Pika

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  • Dont force yourself and rush into something but wait that things sort out for you in recovering thrill and optimism you used to have. Or if not possible start searching for something else you see yourself into.

    Dedicating time to recollect your thoughts, plans for future and what your next step would be.
    While doing other hobbies and activities to dispel your negative thoughts and selfdubts doing things which make you relaxed and entertained. Building bridge toward happier, stronger future.

    It may sound abit corny, but this things can help. Im talking from personal experience.:)
    But dont lose hope my friend, EVER. Most of all do not resot to antidepressants(theyre just chemistry and temporary solution which wont fix anything), selfpity or isolation.

    Because that will only lead into bigger sadness, depression and frustration losing will for anything. Talk and sharing your fears and problems with other friends, family members etc who are wiling to hear you out, give advice and try to help is best medicine to cure this issues and have you regain lost confidence and passion for something.

    Your still young, there is whole life ahead of you. World, all kind of new people to meet and become truly sucesful.

    Your interested in animation and production behind making anime, cartoons etc. But your feeling empty, lost at moment? Indecisive and worrying about your future?

    Your feeling like you dont have same enthusiasm and eagerness you used to have when you were younger?

    In that situation try to go back to your roots. Remind yourself of younger days and what drawed you in animation and their production. What was reason behind this area making you fulfilled and happy as person?

    Thats first step toward recovery and reganing lost energy and love for something. Fact that your worrying shows you still care, but dont know or arent sure how to putr yourself toward it. With disappointments and negative things you experienced making you unwilling, despondent and irritated.

    Look for people who have similar interests and arent afraid to show their passion and excitement for work your thinking of doing for living, improvement of industry in that field and most importantly making you pleased as person(because without love, work your doing is only draining your energy and strength making you with each day more irritated and indignant).
    But here is catch. Catch 22. If they aren't willing to give chance that people who finished school or college gain experiuence and develop skills in doing well their work.

    How exactly its expected that young people build knowkledge about something and skills if no one wants to give them chance?
    Its paradox really, circulum vitiosus.

    Most of all its saddening that perception on world and people in business world deviated so much, that someone competence and experty in performing work and having loyal productive worker is often measured by age with many considering once you passed over 30. Your like an "old dear", looking for youn ger, fresh blood filled with "enthusiasm and life".

    Like more mature person cant be full of spirit and incentive? (rolleyes),. Ignoring fact that older, more mature persons are often wiser, more organized and knowledgeable about certain things than those who just stepped out of high school are. Already going through various things in life learning from mistakes and knowing to deal easier with challenges. Resulting in more responsible, dedicated and focused on fulfilling tasks you set infront of them professionaly worker.

    I feel sorry for you that your mother has no hearing on your issues and difficulties your faced with. Last thing you need is someone disapprovement and judging, but moral support, encouragement and someone who will help you out. Listen to your fears, insecurities and dilemma your currently faced with.

    But sometime parents do react irritated and angry not because of being unreasonable, but because of wanting that their child draw out of crisis it fallen into and find strength to move forward. Showing through exasperation and frustration their worry and fear. Wanting only best for us, but not realizing how approach theyre using wont work same for everyone or be best one.
    It always sucks when we come to a wall, realizing we dont enjoy in career we chosen and job we perform. Even more so if we dont have alternative or already offered job smewhere else to do, being able to quit one which only makes us frustrated and negative with each passing day. Of not having any enthusiasm and passion left for it just struggling to fulfill quota and earn salary.

    I totally feel you in experience aspect. Im in similar situation as well. My contract for work i currently have at super market is reaching date of exparation being employed only temporary(in my country its extremely difficult to be long term hired securing your financial future, let alone finding job in profession your qualified for). Well you can get permament job if you have someone fami,iar wirking in company or strong business conection, but thats not case for me.

    Having to start searching for new job.
    When facing challenge of getting new job biggest problem is exactly experience. Most employers are looking for young, perspective people and expect that your already versed with knowledge in varoious fields so that they dont have to allocate some time to teach you some things and actually give opportunity to build experuence.

    Going with principle "time is money" and i cannot afford to lose it on teaching others hiw to do what i expect from my employees.
    Im sorry to hear that. If you need advice or crying shoulder(i mean support), you know you can rely on me. Im always there for my friends being loyal and well id like to consider myself as caring person.

    Hope its not something too bad, but if it is with enough determination and support every problem can be overcome. Or as saying goes "However long the night, dawn will break".:)

    I feel bad for not keeping up in touch with you lately. I had lot of work and sometime i simply forget(i know thats not excuse, but atill). Promise to try to change that.
    So how are you feeling today and how is the transition period now?

    I'm almost the same as far as Pokemon goes, I haven't dropped it and probably never will no matter how bad I think it gets, but it's not nearly as good as before.

    You don't know how many people wish it wouldn't air again...

    Did you at least like the part where Team Rocket captured Ash disguised as a Mr. Mime?
    What transition period?

    Which Meowth's past one? Go West, Young Meowth?
    What was wrong with the Mr. Mime one?
    Haha, thats not surprising. When your interest in anime series fade away becoming indifferent to everything this can often become blessing in disguise. Keeping you somewhat tolerable and interested to keep watching, but at same time feeling that something is missing. Not experiencing that same feeling, eagerness and sympathy like you used to have for story and characters.

    Since emotional investment, care and liking for characters just isnpt the same anymore becoming abit hardened like in hiow you feel about them, their joiurney, flaws and progression.

    Once that emotional ivestment in anime and characters is lost, its usually very hard and takes long time to start caring about something or someine like you used to. Or that spark just never comes back not having same thrill and enchantment out of it.

    On positive note though being indifferent increases objectivity and usually allows to plow through sagas and large episode counts more easily.XD
    Why don't you just not watch it?

    Isn't there a Brawl Sonic avatar you can use on the "SSBB avatars" list?

    I'm not happy about that either, otherwise I'd put up something from maybe TMNT.

    To PikaMinccino?
    There's TMNT, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, most other Warner Bros. shows, pre-movie Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents before Poof was introduced, Jimmy Neutron, Avatar: TLA, Danny Phantom, Teacher's Pet, Recess, Hey Arnold, Doug, Xiaolin Showdown, and more.
    Oh so in Australia is winter right now? Wewll make sure to warm yourself up, you dont mess around with cold haha.

    Ah dont feel bad aboit it. Many of us at some point feel burnt oit of watching some cartoon or TV show. Needing break to distance from something and get rest. Sometime break can be enough to refresh your batteries, optimism and faith in anime or everything in life actually starting to miss and appreciate it renewing your interest again.:D

    You will come back to it when you feel your ready and filled with new hope, excitement and passion you used to have. In mean time dont force yourself in watching something you dont find overly thrilling to follow right now, its only wasting your time and causing you to form negative thoughts. Which otherwise when interested you would not had.;)
    Wow, that explains so much! That's pretty insightful.
    I like the theme a lot more than I thought I would. As for Digimon, I really only watched 01.
    Hello there, doing fine. Thanks for asking. Just cameback from swimming. Over here is well basically summer, though to be more precise its short of 4 days to be calendar official start of this season. Water is fresh and warm, ideal for swimming. :p

    So yeah you could say im pretty content currently. Hope same applies to you.
    As long as you can avoid "Brave the Wave", "Vanity Affair", and the like, you should be good.

    I stopped hating DP Ash, so that should work wonders for you.
    Maybe I could enjoy Bonnie if she were muted...
    It sounds like it does work well.

    That's actually good advice: If your character isn't interesting without audio, scrap him/her.

    Do you think you'll like AG Ash more this way?

    That's true.
    Why did you decide to do that? I need to try that with DP.

    You think you could do the entire series like that?

    Yeah he had so much more of it back then.

    So you care for actors even less than before?
    Same here. I can't quit no matter how bad it gets, but I can take a break, at least.

    He's your favorite Robotnik actor too?

    Didn't have any Sega systems.

    Played: SNES - Super Mario World
    Owned: N64 - Donkey Kong 64
    I saw your post in bulbagarden thread about dub companies and i don't think ciontent of your post came of as controversial or offensive to warrant any penalty. You just offered your honest and reasonable point of view in whole difference in character dialogue, jokes etc when TPCI took over dub after 4kids collapsed. Being eloquent and very informative in how amimation and TV industry function in keeping up with trends and modern times.

    Yeah finding pilots for shows is very , very rare and hard to run across. But its great road trip in past to see how things functioned back than when some anime was still in craddle. With pilots for any anime or TV show in general always having risk and gamble present behind themselves in whether they will be accepted or disliked among audience. Largely determining future of some idea and cartoon, novel, series being met with enough acceptance and sparked interest among viewers to warrant their full release and on larger scale production. Many shows in case pilot episode fails poluting low interest never see light of the day because of that unfortunately. Even if they may have potential to become succesful and cultic forming loyal and equisite fandom.

    Another thing i like about pilot episodes is how rough, edgy and unpolished they sometime can be. Deviating heavily from standard episodes once some anime or TV show becomes popular to justify its airing. But sometime non refined, bumptious versions are best way to fully experience nature and original idea writers may have present behind their product. Giving memorable and evoking experience if you get what i mean?
    I say it's more than enough.

    Not that big of a Sonic fan, but I like Long John Baldry the best out of the Robotnik actors.
    Hi there, im doing fine. Just preparing to go to work. Excited for Ruby, Sapphire remakes? Maybe if were really lucky May or even Max gets cameo, it would be shame if writers missed on yet another opportunity to bring older companions back. God knows they missed on plent of them with Misty.

    About Sonic Hedgehog i used to watch it back in day, never got further than season 2 though and my memory is abit fuzzy not remembering much since it passed a long while last time i watched it.

    So your preparing to revisit some of older pokemon seasons? I tend to do that myself sometime. I remember Wayward Wobbufet, it was one of funniest and mpost favorite Johto episodes of mine as well. Ah whole rush over chasing after Wobbufet to get key and free Pikachu was amazing and something original. Good memories.

    Some of other episodes i really liked from Johto wewre "Forest Grumps", "Fortune Hunters", "Some like it Hot", "Heartbreak of Brock", "Trouble Brewing", "The Grass Route", "Hook, line and Stinker" etc. And people have nerve to say how Johto was nothing but "boring, pointless fillers" forgetting how many of those episodes contained character development or revealing more about someone past. Making it actually not filler and even when they didn't they were legitimately fun.

    Its ok, no need to be sorrry, I can understand having love for something liking to talk about it. I tend to be myself like that hehe, so that makes two of us. Im not that much of an expert in animation, but i can definitely understand and appreciate its value. With its quality and clarity of scenes largely defining appeal and artistic value of some show.
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