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The Power of Pika

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  • Cool. Personally, I feel like this was more or less on par with the 4Kids dub in quality, but I still honestly prefer Eric as Brock as well as Stuart as Prof. Oak (I still think Johnny was a pretty good Brock, and Kyle was a decent Prof. Oak, though, don't get me wrong-- something about the former two still stands out to me, though, for some reason-- I thought their OG English voices were perfect for them), but that's just me. That said, I do think Jamieson Price is an excellent Giovanni, and to me he's only slight worse than Ted Lewis is: something about Ted's makes me take him more comedically when the time calls for it, but Jamieson's Giovanni takes himself very seriously and is no-nonsense at all times, so that's why.


    IKR, gal?



    I don't blame you for being a bit worried about them, but they're good in their own right.
    The 90's version IS the best, IMO, so it's not just you and your brother: I second you guys!

    LMAO: the first season with Jaleel White, right? Long John Baldry, etc: that's classic. :)

    "One day your car goes BOOM...ohhhhh." FTW.
    "Excuse me, Cabin Boy..." *music plays and they get kicked down the stairs "Next time, call me CAPTAIN!" "Let's find our cabins before we blow our cover..."

    Same on Herge-- it's always nice to see him cameo there, even if it's not vocal.
    I have to say I REALLY enjoyed Bob Buchholz and Sayuri Munday's script writing, gal: seriously, this is the kind I've been looking for since Season 8 ended in the English dub: it's nothing too confusing or...well, ridiculous or silly...to me. I mean, sure, there's a few silly moments like "Don't talk to Red that way!" or "Bulbasaur, the Plant type Pokemon," but overall it was excellent in my eyes.

    SDI Media is awesome!

    I like the DVD cover with Red on it, and LOL @ the last one you capped for fun: thank you SO much for this! You didn't have to do that! :)

    Me too.

    True, gal: oh, definitely-- personally, I feel like they've been dumbed down a lot as well: I mean, I've seen stuff like "Fanboy and Chum Chum" and just felt horrified watching that lol. I also saw "Planet Sheen" and was horrified at what happened to "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron" as a spinoff series.

    I've seen Spielberg's version and...Tintin has an accent now, Haddock is voiced by Andy Serkis...definitely not as good as the 90s' series, IMO, but still pretty good in its own right.

    Awesome. :)

    Thomson and Thompson are my other favorites here lol: I like them all, as well.

    Same on the tune, and that's also my favorite episode: "Chang...my poor friend Chang. I don't believe it!"

    Those were all great scenes, IMO.

    IKR? I also liked the Destination Moon ep. where Calculus says "Oooohhh...I'm acting the GOAT..." = ROFL.
    Oh, I see: that makes sense, gal.

    Yeah, I'm still not happy with Viz here regarding that lol.

    Wow, that's awesome for Australia! Glad for you guys. :D




    Sure: I know the cast was Bryce Papenbrook, Johnny Yong Bosch, Kyle Hebert, etc. but I cannot figure out the company who dubbed this into English, so I suspect you're completely right on SDI Media with the credits. Feel free to check, though: it would help!

    Also, you're a The Adventures of Tintin fan as well? Awesome! I love that series. My favorite character is Captain Haddock lol.
    Yeah, we were! lol.

    No clue, but here's what I found on the Internet: http://www.sdimedia.com/location/united-states/. For some reason, I myself suspected TPCi exported this to SDI or Viz Media in LA for some reason, though: I mean, I think since I've heard Johnny Yong Bosch in Bleach's English dub as Ichigo, and Kyle Hebert in Naruto's English dub as Kiba, and they both live there now, I feel like that's the only place that makes sense for dubbing this Special. Call it a hunch, though: I mean, I could be wrong, of course.

    Interesting: I had NO idea this was on DVD already. I seriously will buy this if it's been released to the Public (aside from the time they were on Pokemon.com, of course)-- it's the most I've enjoyed Pokemon in English since the 4Kids era, honestly.

    Glad it helped! :)

    Thanks, gal: I just gave up after a while because I was like, this is never going to end unless I let him talk more than me lol.


    Oh, I see: well, that makes sense to me.

    That makes sense to me, gal: hey, there's nothing stupid about what you were thinking at all-- I respect that.

    That's cool.

    That's great!
    Its not placed under the bulbagarden rules though. Its one of restrictions staff can implement on users depending on whether they feel their posting style and too much of analysisnover something would be damaging to forum friendly, stress free envornment they want to achieve or not.

    Even though im always friendly, nice and respectful in my thoughts, i guess there exists a point where moments of inspiration and constructive, substantial posts are not always welcomed. Despite this lowering quality of debates and discusion imo having to lower your standards.
    p.s. On other hand at least in here you can post elaborated, with substance posts. Due to new restrictions on bulbagarden which are nowhere mentioned in rules i got into trouble because of(you wont believe until you hear it):because staff determined how my posts are "too long intimidating other users and contributing to unpleasant environment". I didn't breaked any rules, didn't insulted anyone and just gave my sincere 2 cents about something in debate with someone. But because of my arguments being "too long" i got warned. Appeal gave no results either.

    Its actually pretty sad and funny at same time. On no site i have been to there doesn't exist rule of not being allowed to post detailed posts about something, and on bulbagarden this was allowed as well until recently. That place became unpleasant to post in.
    No reason to get stressed over this my friend. In here people usualy don't use reputation system based on quality of someone post. But in using this feature to either revenge to users they may not like, or to abuse the hell out of this system(once i got negative reputation with no explanation other than "negging random posts" when i was completely on topic)etc,

    Can you believe it, to give you negtive points on your posts just for no particular reason, but for the hell of it?

    Your not the only one who is experiencing this, Some people use positive, negative reputation properly based on content of someone post, whether they agree or disagree with it. And how much your message inspired or annoyed someone. But there are also times people will use it just because they like to label negatively other people posts or throw childish tasntrum when you rebuke someone points.

    Nothing can be done about that unfortunately, its just like how things are sometime with every new fearture. There will be always people who misuse some aaplications. Personally i liked your post bringing some different, but interesting point of view on what factors can influence in what way character personalities are going to be showcased. But i guess not everyone can appreciate thoughtful and in depth posts which offer more than one way of explaining certain things.
    I guess other ideas are not "epic enough", idk.

    I think it'll end up like any other ship, which is why I don't see the point. I want Serena to be able to stand on her own.

    I liked Giselle, she was one of the more interesting COTDs.

    I thought N saga TR was alright since they didn't overdo it on the goofiness. They're actually worse here, all they do is come to Ash and co., make a couple of lame jokes, and blast off. They're alright in XY019, though.

    I doubt everyone would have objected. *coughs*

    I like them in OS, some of BW, and a select couple of episodes in the other series.
    Basically. When will they stop the legendary vs legendary movies?

    What do you think of Amourshipping?

    XY TR has no emotional stuff (at the moment) and aren't funny, they try to mix funny and serious with less-than-satisfactory results (see "The Bamboozling Forest" and "Kindergarten Chaos".

    Other than XY TR, I dislike Sinnoh or Decolora TR the most, but that's just me. On top of being repetitive, they're also not funny, and any attempts at depth failed (like Noodles for one). I can see how you would dislike Johto TR if you watched too many episodes in one. I liked Kanto Team Rocket the most.

    No story involving Ash and his Pokemon like you wanted, he pretty much just caught Fletchling and Froakie and used them a little, that's about it.

    Serena having no goal is not a bad idea, but they haven't done anything good with her, she's just a Fennekin stroller.

    Don't get me started on Bonnie, please?

    He's an insecure boy who went on a journey to gain courage. Oh, and he has actual depth.

    You will NOT like TR in this series, they're just three parts of one idiot.

    No actual story worth engaging in, but that's just me.

    It's pretty much a combo of AG and DP.

    There are better things to watch, like the shows you mentioned below.

    Team Flare's leader was briefly shown at the end of The Strongest Mega Evolution - Act I (which is connected to the main anime), but other than that, no.

    Astro Boy! Haven't seen that since it first aired on WB.

    Yeah, but it's been more than half a year since it came out, I expected at least a couple, especially with how it was hyped up.

    What's your account?
    Do you like what you've read?

    *laughs* No, no. Serena got nowhere close to finding a goal.

    I mainly just wake up to the episodes.

    Which other ones?

    I wish Origins was longer too. :( I'm sad that there's no fanart or fanfiction about it...

    You have a youtube?
    Well I watched a few episodes of the XY series, and I realized that the DP characters are not the bottom of the barrel. :)

    Oh, and I don't dislike TPCi/PUSA/DuArt's DP dub as much as I used to, either.
    Hi my friend, thanks for this pleasant visit. Im doing pretty good, just relaxing around and surfing on internet. Nothing new was happening lately.

    p.s. I forgot to say how i want to thank you for giving me detailed, interesting response in your previous message. I would have responded, but i thought there was nothing much to add on what you said.
    I like reasoning you gave when applying for animation course. There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding when your hard work, dedication and all renunciation you made brings fruits on table making you succeed. Feeling proud, happy and satisfied not regretting any effort, struggling and pain you may have gone through to get there.

    Being animator is interesting, creative but most of all inspiring career imo . Giving to people through your work motivation and encouragement to develop their own talent, receive enjoyment out of quality job you made recognizing emotion and devotedness present behind some anime when bringing story and characters to life on screen. As well decanting on screen skilfully moral values and hidden messages which writers team came up with.
    Oh definitely pokemon anime in quality is rather subpar. Quality of writing often fluctuates depending from saga to saga, and inconsistent character development, very little connection to past, established relationships between characters and previous companions being replaced with unfinished or undefined stories/future never to be seen again undermining their legacy and impact. Accompanied with poor continuity and at times repetitive nature overusing ideas seen in past over and over aghain are some of main problems it has going for it.

    Oh so you had chance to watch majority of seasons in raw version? I watched at b est few episods being very challenging to come across original version. Especially in legal way on internet(though most people lets be real download and watch things uploaded on youtube or various sites even if its illegal).

    Out of curiosity though in case you reme,mber i have some small wandering. In English dub during OS Misty stated several times that she used to be Cerulean gym leader. But did she ever said that in original Japanese version?
    Just curious, because sometime dub used to change dialogue and scenes which are introduced in raw version for various reasons(like religion, inappropriate dialogue or scenes which western viewers might view as offensive).
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