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The Red Thunder

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  • Yea, it was something someone made for me. I don't even have the image anymore. I haven't dealt with my signature prolly since I was playing B2 when it was new.
    Oh yes, the Battle Frontier! Never managed to beat it once though... Hope they include it too.

    I don't expect many legends from other games. Just the Creation Trio and the Kami Ones. Now that I think it, Heatran would be a perfect candidate for Mt.Chimney...
    Yeah, but it would add to the exploration a bit. Just see how many islands of Hoenn we can't explore... and Deoxys' theme hasn't got a remix since Gen III... I hope they put a lot of legends in, Kalos would be meh without Mewtwo and the birds and only with Zygarde (you catch Xerneas/Yveltal as part of the story anyway, so that doesn't count). Specifically I want to see legends from Gen 4 and 5, other than the two Eons, the Regis and the Weather Trio.

    Anyway, I 've seen in your profile that you do fanfic writting. If you have time, care to review the first chapter of my recently started fic ''BlackWhite: Season XY''? Thanks.
    Yeah, you 're right. There's always the chance to do the plot ala B/W, where you see Zekrom/Reshiram but can't catch them due to them belonging to N.

    Do you think we 'll get the event-exclusive areas? It would be a good chance to hear a remix of Deoxys' battle theme from FR/LF/E.
    That's what I'm expecting too! I think, if we do get the Emerald storyline in the games to go like this:

    1) In OR, you fight Magma, in AS, Aqua. The team not corresponding to your version is your ally.
    2) Here's the twist: In your respective versions, your corresponding team awakens their corresponding legendary... but so does the other with their respective legendary!
    3) Then, it's classic. You have to call Rayquaza to stop the two from fighting ala Emerald. Here's another twist: Only one legend leaves the battlefield( the legend that's not corresponding to your version) while the other remains to challenge you. It's your typical legendary battle.
    4) Post game, there 'll be an arc concerning the other team who's looking for the other legendary. Your team tries to stop them, and it all ends in a battle with that legend too!
    5) Should you catch the two, you can then battle Rayquaza at Sky Pillar.

    What do you think?
    What do you want to see from the Emerald storyline included in the remakes? Cause they gonna include something, that's for sure.
    I'm guessing they mean by someone asking "Who is Touya?" or something like that. I don't really see the problem with it, I so far haven't seen threads become derailed so much to where it couldn't pick itself up again. Heck, I've never seen anyone question who a character was (though it seems to be in the BW2 threads). Sometimes I find a JP name that I don't understand, however, I look it up and add it into my vocab so I remember it next time.
    Yeah, they seem to be saying "Well it's only if the thread goes off topic" but also at the same time it sounds like they just want you to stop having a preference of the names. (Also just a thought here: at the same time, the person confused doesn't have to derail the thread. They could calmly VM/PM the user and say "Hey look, I only use the English names, who/what are you referring to?)
    Yeah I see what you mean, if we post our opinions politely it might allow them to be a *little* less strict. I don't use many Japanese names, but there are some that get pounded into my head, or that I simply prefer to use. Nothing against the English language of course, I just prefer it.
    Omg I completely agree with you on the English names rule thread. Sorry for talking randomly, I just had to say that. ^^;
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