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  • Nope. x) I've seen people with Unova banners that I'm pretty sure are the most recent ones added, and therefore are probably the highest ones out there, but not many people have those ones. Besides that, I don't really pay attention beyond thinking "huh, that's cool" before reading the post.
    Click "Settings" and hit "Edit Avatar" this time. Unless you want to edit your profile pic, in that case you have to hit "Edit Profile Picture".

    .... unless you're talking about the little banner under your user title. If so, you can't change that. That gets updated automatically as your post count goes up. So, as you make more posts (good ones, not spammy ones. You can get infracted if you just post a bunch of garbage to get that banner upgraded), you'll end up with different banners.
    Hmm? Oh, my user title. Click on "Settings" in the top right hand menu bar. Then on the left hand side you'll see "Edit Profile". Click on this, then you'll see a section under "Optional Information" called "Custom User Title". Type what you want into the box there, then scroll down and click "Save Changes".
    Welcome to Serebii forums!

    To reply to Visitor Messages post a VM on the poster's profile.(Don't worry though, we all make this mistake)
    It should take a while, I think... Like leveling up in games. The higher is the level, more posts you'll need to have. ^^
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