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The Teller
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  • I have every pokemon except for drampa, stonjour and goomy if anyone wants to trade please message me my friend code is SW-0211-0091-7459
    Hey, I just read your contest entry! I just wanted to say I really love way you dramatize the kids' imaginations and the hyperdramatic descriptions, particularly of their steeds. If you post it in the main forum I might stop by with a more in-depth review, but for now I just wanted to let you know that "and the robot has SPIKES EVERYWHERE and ROCKET FISTS and can hack ANY COMPUTER INCLUDING THE PENTAGON'S" made me grin a lot and all in all I was entertained.
    Again, good luck in the contest! Knowing you, you've definitely cooked up something weird and wild for the prompt. :p
    I look forward to competing with you in the contest; I have no doubt your entry will be fun. :p
    Disgaea fan yay! I gotta get back to D5 when I find the time... After I go through my other hundreds of backlogged games :( Actually those 3 games are on PSN. Prinny 1 is $10, and Prinny 2 and Infinite are $15 each, but they're not strategy games. Yeah, I've really enjoyed VLR and ZTD. Was happy when 999 was announced to have a Vita port, so I'm eagerly awaiting that. In Danganronpa 1, there is no "everyone lives" ending. But in DR2... You just gotta play it :) Danganronpa actually has a currently running anime separated in two parts. The Future Arc combines all three DR games' stories so far and plans to conclude it in a 12 ep anime (ep 12 is next week actually), while the Despair Arc focuses on the past of the DR2 characters. It's highly recommended you play the games before the anime. New Danganronpa v3 is coming to PS4 and Vita in Japan on January, but it's been said to be a reboot of the franchise, so no connections to past games. You've gotta play Steins;Gate. It has an anime, but it skips a lot of things in the game. It's a real tearjerker, with very detailed characters and a satisfying story. A prequel/alternate reality second game, Steins;Gate 0, was supposed to have released this month, but it got delayed, and there's no concrete new release date yet. I live in Hawaii, so I'll play through S/M's story with all Alolan based mons. Too bad I actually find 95% of all currently shown super ugly. They finally come to where I live, and I hate most. Can't wait for FFXV. I'll be getting a PS4 Pro, so hopefully the FFXV Pro upgrades are nice.

    Actually, I do have it, but it's sitting in my backlog haha just sitting there in a bubble on the Vita UI waiting to be played. With FFXII PS4, I'll actually able to finally finish the game!
    I've imported the JP version of Persona 5, and it's such an awesome game that I gotta let people know about previous entries, and get them hyped for P5's NA release in Feb. If you don't feel like playing P4G now that you've seen most of it, then you gotta play P3. It's the same as P4, but a more somber game compared to P4's happier atmosphere. Don't worry my child, for I have preordered the Amazon exclusive steelbook double pack.

    You don't like games that give you a, pardon my French, mindf*ck? I was gonna recommend games like Danganronpa 1, DR2, DR Ultra Despair Girls, and Steins;Gate, all of which are heavily character and story driven, with some very mind bending twists and revelations. For platformer, Tearaway is heavily underrated, and another underrated strategy/JRPG game would be the Disgaea franchise, maybe even Ray Gigant. I could go on and on when it comes to Vita games.

    Haha thanks! Always happy to help a fellow gamer!
    I was just looking through the "what games should I get" thread, and see that you were asking for JRPGs on Vita, but no one responded. If you still need recommendations, I highly recommend Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden (if you haven't played them already). May I also recommend other games in different genres?
    Ah, nah, it's fine, I was just concerned the double-whammy had scared you off, and Jax was ever so slightly (though not too much since your response seemed chill to her, don't worry). Welcome back.
    You OK?

    Your second reply to me and Jax's reviews was unusually short/abrupt, so I was worried if my terrible review hurt your feelings somehow. ._.
    For future reference! If you're looking for important threads, check this sticky, rather than the one you got the Beta House from. The list on the AC rules thread is unfortunately not current, and no one's really gotten around to updating it yet.
    No problem! Thank you for writing on a character of choosing; sometimes it's even better than a ship fic.

    You're very welcome! ^^
    Oh, I'll try to check it sometime.

    I haven't beaten my Reverse of Arcadia story yet, but it's fine, I rarely play it anyway, lol. I got my brother's 2011 today, though.

    Lol, you're lucky you got it so fast. I have $10, lol, so no impulse spending for me, lol. I want the LCJY just to have some super rare cards, 'cuz I missed Yugi's. :/
    *Surprised gasp* Really!? A "Conversation"? AWESOME! xD

    Anyway, good job on the deck, lol. I need to get one before they leave the shelves and become expensive, lol. Secondly, I too have the WC 2010 Yugioh game, I've beat it several times, and run an Ice Barrier deck, a random Synchro beatdown deck, and I just put together a Blue Eyes deck.

    As for X/Y leaks, I've been looking for loads, but my gf is getting it too, so my social life is all good, lol.

    As for fanfics, send me a link, and you can read mine, too. xD I need reviews BADLY...
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