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  • Hi! I didn't see your comment till just now, since it wasn't on my profile XD

    I always found it funny how people in the south hemisphere celebrate christmas in the summer XD Christmas meaning pool parties and going to the beach...LOL its so strange to me :)

    What do you overall think of Pokemon the Series Sun and Moon? :)
    Hey!! Sorry, didn't see the last one, yeah i have seen it before, and thanks you too!

    I live in Australia, so it is actually Winter here! I hope you have stayed cool this Summer :)
    Good morning :3

    I'm watching pokemon soon. Nice a friend of mine is on, though! Been keeping cool alright this summer? :)
    You're such a nice person^^

    Yeah, i have plushies of her :3 I'm a pretty big fan. I like my little pony friendship is magic a lot too. Have you ever watched that? My favorite pony is rainbow dash, she's super cool! :3
    Well, i think i'm bi, anyways...i seem to be....ahahaha. I'm still figuring myself out :p

    Do you like hello kitty? :3 i think she's a really cute character! no, i don't crush on her XD she's an animal and like a little kid haha
    Awwww, that sounds so sweet! :3 I'm autistic, so i don't have much of a life outside the net. I'm also bi, sooo....duno what real friendships would be for me o_O; online, i see people as 'just friends', though. so thats an easy place for friendships for me, right now. I guess my crush on korrina has made life more confusing for me, a little, but she also makes me happy 'cuz she's sweet and adorable :3
    You're welcome :3

    Your av is very cute^^ I really like the types of pokemon serena train's :3 I like pokegirls pokemon in general XD Especially Lucario, who's owned by my favorite pokegirl (aka korrina)(also, i have a crush on her XD; hahaha...)

    Whats some other things you like, besides pokemon? :3 I just like cute things in general. And nature. I like going for long nature walks with my dog and have fun looking at flowers and trees and animals we see together on them^^ Its awesome having a dog as a pet :D
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