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The Undercover
Last Activity:
Oct 5, 2014
Oct 4, 2014
Likes Received:
It's classified
Special Agent

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The Undercover

it's classified..., from It's classified

The Undercover was last seen:
Oct 5, 2014
    1. Canada
    2. RzK
      You're welcome.
      Being a detective can you uncover the mystery of my bio?
    3. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      The only beaches that we have over here in the UK are really gross ones with cold grey sea - no tropical paradises over here ~ :c
    4. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      Oh, you used to live in Portugal? Or are you living there right now? ^^
      What part of Alentejo are you from? A coastal part as you like the sea, perhaps? c:
    5. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      voce fala portugues?
      sorry this's the only thing I know... however, my 1st language is Spanish, so I may understand what you say (or write) :D
      well, your English is good!
      I can give it a try, I like poetry! (just to read it, I'm too dumb to write it) :P
    6. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      I was planning to go with alpha, but then I was like "hmmm team magma hmmm groudon hmmm"
      The decision making process is very technical.

      Someone in my class is from Portugal, the Aveiro area, I think? I'm not sure. :/
    7. The Undercover
      The Undercover
      Gonna EAT MY CEREALS! Be back in a minute ;)
    8. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      btw, thanks for the friend request :)
      I really appreciate it!
    9. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      ok, you read my bio before I replied (I'm getting old, ouch!)
      I do it because my sweetheart made me to do it, for some strange reason she likes those plush sheeps/lambs (that specific model) and she looks online for them every day... so far we (or she) has 12 of them and she keeps looking. (yeah! you may think we are crazy but that's her obsession... and probably mine too) besides that, I'm a normal person (I don't bite) lol
      Do you like writing, literature or poetry? the way you wrote your bio is very interesting and above the average in creativity!
    10. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      The hype has really only just hit me. ^^; I'm still deciding which to get! It's really difficult - with X and Y I thought "X!" Straight away, but now I don't know!

      "Saudade" sounds like a beautiful word, and I just Google translated it to find the exact definition - but it doesn't have one! I think it's so great that we have words that exist in one language, but not another. Is Portuguese your first language?
    11. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      That's why I call style!
      all spies say the same, classified...
      *starts sweating cold and calls his lawyer*
      No problem, my bio is odd, hope you like it.
      BTW I like your bio! and of course! Umbreon... to make it more mysterious!
    12. Sheepy Lamby
      Sheepy Lamby
      Hi, I was checking the Newbie Lounge and yours was the best introduction I've ever seen on this website! Congratulations and welcome to Serebii!
      PS: You don't work for the government, right? :S
    13. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      In-game battling is best type of battling. Are you planning to get ORAS?
      I enjoy writing poetry too, but to be honest I'm not that great in my opinion. ^^; I'm part Welsh, so I do often write poetry in Welsh, though it's really quite difficult for me to write in Welsh. What language do you write in?
      I don't really draw much, though I can do basic little cutesy scribbles. I can't control a paintbrush at all, and I never paint~ Too difficult.
      As for sports I really just play things like badminton, though my friend is forcing me to start basketball lessons with her.
      I've watched a few episodes of Naruto, and can understand why it has so many fans. It seems to be really good. ^^ Though I'm really more of a shojo reverse harem sort of thing. ^^;
    14. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      Just a regular player! I mostly play for the story and to feel as OP as possible in game. No patience for breeding or battling. Though I loved contests in Sapphire and Diamond. So a coordinator?
      Apart from being a secret agent, what do you specialise in?
    15. Janice Quatlane
      Janice Quatlane
      Good, good, always good. Not much on there, but still. ^^; if you enjoy coffee fuelld night ramblings, that's basically it.
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  • About

    It's classified
    Special Agent
    Favourite Pokémon:

    WARNING: This is a classified document, there being a chance of self-destruction as soon as you finish reading it.

    Hello to all Pokemon Community and welcome to my file. I'm here on a mission of self-improvement and area recognition, so I hope you to be cooperative and friendly.

    I've been conducting a research on the Increase of Pokemon Players in the World and the results have been pretty conclusive. Being so, I decided to take an undercover mission in a Pokemon Forum so that I could determine the factors responsible for this increase of players. As soo, I've been training my pokemon battle skills to improve my strategies in order to infiltrate in the community so go easy on me, ok? I really don't want hurt you (at least for now huhuhu...)

    Being said, I'm more than open to friend requests. Also, I may not seem like it, but I' actually a very nice and jolly person and I'm very talkative as well.

    My favorite pokemon is Umbreon and he is side buddy in my top secret missions.
    As for personal interests, I'm a very athletic person as I play voleyball and basketball. I also have a special interest in reading, writting and drawing.
    As for other manga/anime I personally only like Naruto and FairyTail.

    It's all for now, but if you want to know more about me you can ask. I'm open to conversation.

    SELF-DESTRUCTING IN 3, 2, 1................................

    volleyball, basketball, streetrun, writing, reading, drawing