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  • nah we didn't do much for christmas so not much presents about to go though ill be back later...
    hey there how it going? and im doing alright how about you? my christmas was alright could of been better but great ^_^
    i never ever liked completing my dex lol for some reason it drived me nuts XD so i never cared lol
    Going well. Got a late start on Pokémon Y (still don't have X). Got it nine days ago. Grinded through it rapidly, beat the E-4 and Champ.

    Got my first team bread and trained. Just level grinding now to get them to level 50+ to do competitive wi-fi battles.

    My first Gen.6 wi-fi team will be Skarmory, Togekiss, Rotom-Wash, Chandlure, Aegislash, and Goodra. I'll write up a full team analysis if the team actually works.

    And I'm loving the breeding mechanics this gen, too. No need for hours of breeding or hacking. Bread all of my Pokes except Skarmory in under 30 minutes. Skarmory was a very lucky grab from the Wonder Trade feature in the game.
    I just saw your safari. Sorry I have all the dragon pokemon in the friend safari and have limited space I would if I could but I can't :(
    well thats not cool for the crit snubbull lol but yeah its cool for the other three thanks and congrats on the two shinies was they random encounter,mm, horde, or chain?
    welcome and yep i found 3 already by accdient lol

    Shiny Ponyta
    Shiny Eevee
    Shiny Sandshrew

    I found a shiny snubbull today but i accidently crit it ._. so yeah missed that one...oh well though im sure ill see it again XD
    i added you back friend request sent also not sure i you saw my message your last pokemon is druddgion...
    It's a beautiful place! :) I will certainly have a look at it.
    I trade anything, but I will trade events from time to time and I am a event collector.
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