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  • Bad news. I got my netbook back from since it had to be repaired, but I lost all of my documents in the process.
    OK. I'll PM you it shortly. The only things missing are the Japanese Names which go in parenthesis next to the English Name & the English/Japanese (in that order) Airdates for the Episodes & Movies.
    I was thinking that we would incorporate the Generation V Pokemon once Pokemon Black & White Versions come out in North America in Spring 2011 into our list. What do you think?

    EDIT: Don't forget, Movie 13 airs tomorrow in Japan.
    That's right, your with the SpeedGamers. That's cool! I think you guys are awesome people. Yeah, I've already written put the basics, so I got the Pokemon Forms down.
    How's the Pokemon Debuts coming along? I have from #202- #251 and then all the Generation IV Pokemon to do. When you are done, PM me the whole thing (be sure to put Generation I Pokemon on top of #001 and Generation III Pokemon on top of #251, please.) Then, I'll transfer it to my Word Document I am using for the debuts and see if it needs changing. I'll make the thread and I'll be sure to credit you. I'll make the thread the day the new series starts in Japan so figure we have about 3 months to go.
    Hey, so Torpoleon (my brother) told me about the thing you and him are working on with Gens 1-4. Can I help? I can work on Generation 4 since Torp still isn't done with Gen 2. It's fine if you don't want me to.
    Ok. Right now, I'm just writing down the Pokemon Names and stuff next to the number for the 207 Pokemon I assigned myself.
    Also, we should put what day, month and year they debut in a movie/ the anime in Japan and the US.
    Pictures should probably go to the right of the information or directly under it. With the Ownership stuff, it makes sense where I put it because it shows who/how they debuted under for the Anime/Movies basically.
    Here is my formula:

    #(Insert Poke Dex Number Here): (Insert Pokemon Here)
    Anime Debut- (Insert Episode here, I'll do EP/AG/DP/Whatever applies and the other format being the overall episode number) (Wild Pokemon, Under the Ownership of, etc.)
    Movie Debut- Same formula except I'd go by the movie.

    Sound good? I use the Anime Dex for Movie Debuts and Bulbapedia for the Anime Debuts.
    Sorry. Generation II & Generation IV are my favorites. Anyways, I'll PM you a list of all the Generation II & Generation IV Pokemon (which is 207 Pokemon) when I am done with it. For the naming, I just meant put Japanese names until we know the English names, but I like your idea better. I'll start the list now. The Anime Dex is a great source of information. I think the thread should be called "Pokemon Debuts".
    Yeah. I'll look stuff up soon. How about I do Generation II & Generation IV and you do the other two? For the Pokemon Names, you should American Names, but have Japanese Names until they are revealed. For Poke Dex Numbers Unknown, they should also go after all the numbers we already know.
    For a Remaining Pokemon to Debut Thread, I was first thinking that you'd have a mod close the first one once DP is officially over and then the new one would show every single Pokemon and there would be a Japanese & American List. In each list, it would say which Movie & Pokemon Episode it debuted in and the day for each. Sound good? I'm also willing to help out.
    Two things: Are you really a Beta-game tester? If so, that's cool! Also, I guess you've decided to not continue your fanfic about Noland's beginning?
    Two things: Are you really a Beta-game tester? If so, that's cool! Also, I guess you've decided to not continue your fanfic about Noland's beginning?
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