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  • All man, well I hope it's going well for you :D For me it could be a lot better honestly... but life goes on I guess. Will be seeing some family I haven't seen in years and that will be nice, but I just wish it was under more happier circumstances. A few months ago, we found out my mom had cancer again... the last one she had was about 10 or so years ago, but that one went to remission. But a new one popped up and this one is a stage 4... sigh. Oddly thought they didn't tell us how long she had, which I found odd. Because they usual give you a guess so you can get all your affairs in order.

    But I don't know. I'm hoping she get's lucky and it too just goes into remission. I know it's stage 4 and that is practically or is a death sentence. But some have overcome stage 4 before. Granted I'm not going to get my hopes up as life has been so unkind to me in that area. And stupid cancer has already taken my grandfather and grandmother on my mom's side of the family. So what's another one for cancer to take... it feels like to me :( Then I found out yesterday my cousin's finance had slipped into a coma, because she wasn't taking her meds like she was suppose to and she may not come out of it. So just more sadness in my life. I don't know her at all, but that's still sad to lose a loved one.

    I'm sorry I got all depressing there, but that's what been up. I'm hoping for some light in my life, but this is nothing new... I'm just there it seems at most times. Well again I'm sorry for throwing this on you. I didn't mean to go south so fast there. Well see you when you get back here, I may not be on for a bit too. As things are getting busy with the seasons changing.
    Haven't seen you around in a while, how's it been going? I am sorry for the lack of chatting. I've been busy...
    Don't worry about it, that's understandable :) Thank you and I hope you had a Happy one yourself.
    went 2-1 at the Work-FNM we did last night. Then went 2-2 drop at the Modern PPTQ today. Was planning on doing a standard one tomorrow (sunday), but there's been some wonky weather. So I probably won't go.
    Yeah, good for you. I really like my Druid so far, been getting a little bored of it today but it's alright, just needed some motivation to play it.
    I don't know, he hasn't been on in a while and hasn't joined the new guild. Hmm...

    I'm good, WoW has been my obsession pretty much. Finally settled down on a Feral Druid which I'm playing on the server Stormscale EU, it's level 62 so far.
    It was closed, permanently. So we opened a new guild called Ring of Fire.

    So how have you been? Haven't spoken since November.
    Yeah? That's too bad. Standard has been getting pretty fun, actually. A LOT of variety.

    Modern is cool. Abzan is the new Jund, it seems. And Siege Rhino is the nuts. Zoo seems like a solid choice nowadays.
    Yeah...but you don't want Mentor in the Abzan builds. Put it in Jeskai Tokens and just dominate everything.
    Yeah. That deck is insane. The only bad part are the elvish mystics and the fact that the mana base needs to be reworked. This is my current version: Soul of Theros, Siege Tyrant of Kruphix.
    Yeah. My buddy Erik finished top 64. And one of the 4-color Soul decks finished Top 8. Vindication!
    I've been playtesting the whipless Whip deck. It's the nuttiest thing in the world.
    Cool! You almost had him.

    I'm headed to the last (actual) PTQ in the area on saturday with Jon from work. Should be interesting.
    I haven't, no. I've been mucking around on a Human Rogue at the moment, got her to Level 61. I moved realm and made an Undead Warrior too.
    Could be interesting, I guess. The mana base won't be great for the non-wedge colored decks though. And Sage of Hours is really...REALLY resource-intensive to use.
    I'm not too worried. I think it could be interesting, and at least it'll keep stndard from getting stale. The one issue I worry about is the financial aspect. Cards will lose value faster, so there's more buying and selling involved.
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