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  • Hey, its been a while since we've seen each other, up for a battle on PO? My username's the same as here
    not really looking to replace him as he is still there i think imma wait for a while b4 i choose someone but what tiers do you play
    its kool i tried PMing u when it happened (he asked me to) and it said that you didnt accept PMs at all and is it the event Darkrai or no.
    i just now noticed you posted that random message in the rng club and I think i did give him the points anyway LOL...i keep forgetting about the club i mainly post in the the rng thread help so i forget about the club sometimes LOL...well im off to rnging my flawless darkrai :)
    Just thought I'd post this here and free up my next post in the deck-rater for when you edited. But "deal as much damage to opponent and creatures as fast as I can, while giving me life whenever I need it" isn't much of a strategy. It's the general way Magic is played. Strategy is card-specific and style-specific. Does your deck do burn spells? Creature destruction? Ramp? Counter-countrol? Creature tokens? Creature overrun? Those are strategies. "Win" isn't a strategy.

    Also, if you take out Phthisis (which you should, because it's horrible), then your deck is Extended format, which gives everyone an idea of what cards to recommend.
    Bulbasaur w/ Power Whip
    Shinx w/ Thunder Fang + Ice Fang + Fire Fang
    Scourpi w/ Agility
    Chimchar w/ Thunderpunch
    Bagon w/ Hydro Pump
    Elekid w/ Cross Chop
    Chansey w/ Aromatherapy
    If possible I would like these in eggs but if not possible thats fine I have all kinds of legends just tell me which and I also have plenty of heart scales Just PM me
    Will PM you with a list of legendaries as soon as I'm home.
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