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  • I understand completely. However, having friends right off the bat isn't everything. I make it a policy only to friend those who I truly mean something and I had to find that out over three years of interaction. :/

    So, what I'm saying is take it easy and go post some stuff. Join a club or group. Write a story, review a story. Whatever. You'll find your friends here soon enough.
    That being said, if you would like to start a conversation, I'm open to that.
    I remember when my younger brother was 5... It was hell. ;-;
    That reminds me how I missed out on the shiny Dialga and Giratina distribution for B2W2 last year or whatever. ;-; Did get shiny Palkia though. And then they're more so just trophy shinies or whatever to me though.
    Because they're jerks.
    At least it gives me some time to buy a new 3DS as my current one is like malfunctioning and all that. >.>
    Creepy/annoying. It tends to invoke the same feelings as door-to-door evangelicals do. But I do notice that you only have 1 friend, so you haven't done this often. I'd suggest going into some the more art-y parts of Serebii (since you'r bio says something about you being an artist) and making your presence known there. Then you could talk to some of the people about art and such and begin friendships that way.
    No. I have no connection to you. If you want to make friends, talk to people first, then send them friend request. Otherwise you come off as creepy.
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