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    I'm sorry if we caused misunderstandings, man. Good luck with your job and i hope when things clam down you can come back to us. If you really want to integrate yourself in id suggest going to the xat more (if you do go to the xat a lot, i guess we just have really different timezones lol)
    you could just give me a lillipup for a egg move, I don't mind getting a lillipup at all. Which egg move do you need?
    Yes, that would be right, but in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Defog is a HM move that can be taught Scyther, Drifloon, and other pokemons as well, but pokemons with any HM moves can't be transferred over into fifth gen, but in Soulsilver and Heartgold, defog is not a HM, so it can be transfer to fifth gen that way
    These are the only egg move pokemon I'm missing:
    Shellder with Take down
    Scyther with Defog
    Bagon with Defense Curl
    Drifloon with Defog
    I can breed any other egg moves
    to be honest, I don't know exactly how, but I was just motivated to completing national pokedex for the first time ever. I even made a video showing that I actually completed the national pokedex, which I uploaded to my youtube channel, which I name jasoncola100. I just working on gathering the last 4 egg move pokemons I don't have yet, and after that done, I truely accomplished a huge goal.
    yes I did, toword the very beginning of November of last year, started playing completely new in Pokemon Black and White on June 25, 2011
    well this is embarrasing but i got a politoad female with drizzle right now from a random person online. I can still trade you the shiny pidgey and yeah it is untouched.
    hello i was wondering if you can trade me a female poliwag with swift swim. I can trade you a dream world slowpoke(female), dream world vulpix (female), shiny pidgey(found him in pokemon firered),or just tell me what you want and i'll try to get the pokemon.
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