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  • I happen to look at my friend list and I notice that you're not crossed off anymore! When did that happen? I honestly thought you were permabanned for hot drawings of Jessie.

    Either way, Welcome back! Its nice to see you around again.
    Are you still taking drawing requests? Because I'm thinking of making a request.
    You don't appear to be banned anymore. Please send me a message when you get this. I am so happy that you are back! I've missed you, friend.
    Can you edit this pic for me. Put a shiny umbreon behind the ampharos. Sleeping in the cave facing to the right?
    No, it's just that... well, there are very few anime characters that I actually hate, and Karasu is one of them. Though considering he wanted to rape one of my favorite anime characters ever, I feel rather justified in this. Nevertheless, you're free to like him and I don't want to get into any argument over him. It's probably just a subject we should stay away from.
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