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  • Ugh. I feel your pain. This dry, cold weather sucks. It's a friggin' winter wonderland outside my window -.-
    Yeah, I did. ^^; Sorry, I just realized now that I didn't send a reply and was going to write one. I'll work on the text and get it to you when I'm done (probably a few different versions like last time).
    I've still got some symptoms hanging on but I'm getting better. Sorry to hear you're still not well... if what you're hacking up is green then it's an infection and you should probably see a doctor about it.
    While I normally love the illustrations in your sig, when I first saw the McDonalds picture, I couldn't stop laughing. It's perfect. Excellent.

    I think I'm starting to get better, which makes sense since this is about the time that the doctor said I'd start seeing improvement. The humidifier seems to be helping the cough at night too.
    Consider this fan mail. I always thought you were awesome, with your username and artwork, but
    I got better ways of wooing people pm me bot boy.
    Making fun an adbot just boosts your awesomeness. All hail Giygas!
    Hopefully. I wish I didn't have to have that humidifier though. It has a light on it and that's annoying when I'm trying to sleep.
    She thinks I have a bronchial infection with a slight sinus infection, so she's put me on stronger, more brochitis-focused antibiotics and said I should probably see some improvement within the next three days. Plus I'm taking mucinex and sleeping with a humidifier by my bed.
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