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  • I work at subway as my main secondary job
    I also work at the HBC company, training to become a manager someday =3

    I used to teach grade 9/10 math as a high school course. I was voted the best teacher, haha.
    Well I'm not a traditional conspiracy buff, in the way that I don't know if there's an Illuminati, per se, I there may be a loosely coordinated effort to bring about an NWO. Mainly it exists not in who controls the mainstream, but what ideology controls it. They just have to have people who follow their teachings in every medium, and rise through favoritism. Plus the main tenants of NWO, humans as a cancer, sexuality being natural and preserving nature being a priority, we've been taught that from cartoons early. Many of us are so fed up with human folly, flicks about religious fanaticism, that we are dispassionate about human life, so really we've already been taught to believe all that and we are living in that so called-conspiracy theory of the NWO.
    It certainly caught my attention. I'm a conspiracy theory buff. I don't think a lot of shows get syndicated worldwide unless they have mystical themes, like Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon. There is a Thelema (based on the teachings of Aliester Crowley) society in Tokyo, so it's geographically plausible.
    Mr. Surfing buizel is now stuck in the sand headfirst, the Surfboard is in the background, a Flying Marill is being chased by an Army guy, and there's a crab pinching Buizel.
    Thanks for accepting.. Sooo allow me to formally introduce myself. The name is diablo_200525, diablo for short =p But some people call me Mewtwo, Midnight, D, w/e xD

    Anyways, how are you today?
    I don't think it's anything too bad... it's more annoying than severe, but it just won't go away. I would've expected it to be gone by now, even without antibiotics.
    I think most of the times, with all the viruses and bacterias out there, they don't even know what you've got.
    Yeah, it's been over two weeks now which is just ridiculous. I don't want more antibiotics unless they've got a REALLY good explanation as to why I should take them.
    Yeah, I'm still sick. And my second course of antibiotics ran out too. So I've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon.
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