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  • And what I enjoy when I need to go to work early in the morning and don't want to drink soda right away.

    Cranberry juice is really something the gods made for us mortals as a gift.

    Ash lost in the 4th gen league to a legendary trainer who had a full team of 6 legendary pokemon on him. It took Ash 5 of his pokemon to even beat the 1st legendary pokemon, Darkrai (Sceptile was the one to take him out btw), and finally his last pokemon, Pikachu to take out the legendary trainer's 2nd legendary pokemon, Latios. Unfortunately it was a double KO, so Ash lost, and the legendary trainer still had 4 legendary pokemon left on his team. Ash ended the Sinnoh League in the Top 4.
    Try a hot bath and spice tea. That helped me a few weeks back when I had that.

    Yeah, the antibiotics should've worked by now but they didn't, so my doctor put me on another course of them.
    Thanks, but it has been a while since I've done anything.

    So how are you doing?

    why is it that when i try to make a friend, they mention my atheism? :p

    Well, i piss of Christians a lot, so i guess that's fair, unless you started debating with me harshly out of nowhere.

    So what, we disagree with something? I agree with a lot of your debates on the debate forum so i think we can agree with many things.
    Hey Boss,

    Are you against weed? I saw a couple of your post and if you are, can i add you to my freind's list?

    you an awesome artist. :D
    Thank you for your concern. I just get a bit depressed sometimes, because I'm in poor health, but what ever happens, happens.

    Glad to see you have a shop. I may have to think of something for you to draw, I've always loved your art style. Heh, it'd make a fine desktop, your art.

    I'm feeling a little bit better, but still pretty crappy. :( Sorry to hear you're not well. It's that nasty time of year for viruses. Hope you feel better soon!
    Yeah, I know. I've got some vitamin C lozanges. I think the antibiotics are helping, but I just wish this thing would go away faster.
    I can't stay in the lines in a coloring book, so you go me beat by far.

    I really did enjoy the art of yours I saw, you truly got skill

    Being sick sucks, so yeah, having a good immune system is definitely something to be thankful for.
    I have bad allergies and I have a history of getting sick a lot. My allergy shots have been really helping me. When I think about how bad I've had it in the past, it's actually kind of amazing that this is the first time I've gotten sick this school year.
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