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  • Eh, thing's could be better. I seem to have caught a nasty cold. But I'm prepared for Halloween come what may.

    Awesome! I hope your shop is successful!
    I don't think you'll be expected to do text. I mean, back when I did banners for signatures I was never responsible for designing the text underneath them. You probably want to look at some shops that are open right now to give you some ideas for rules.
    Sure! I think it'd be really popular if you did. I had two incarnations of a shop in the past, but I quit because I got too busy/tired of doing requests.
    I'll be keeping mine a little longer than usual so I'll have it through Halloween. After that, I'm back to switching. I have to many signatures lying in wait to keep one for very long.
    But if I do that, he would mark it as spam and report me to get banned. Trust me, I know him more than you do, and he's been like this to anyone he hates.
    I've seen you post here and there and you seem like a nice person. Well hopefully you can do it soon. What kind of art are you into?

    Sounds fun to go back and forth like that. I should be by the start of the year. I had a few things going on after I got out of high school so didn’t want to rush into anything, plush wanted some time off. I’m going to look at stuff in medical and computer. Would take pilot class, but I don’t have $80,000 to spend. How about you?

    Btw, was I seeing things or did you ask what made me send a FR

    Watching random stuff off my iTunes; just watched the ending of SAW 6.

    Btw, are you US, NZ, or elsewhere?

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