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Last Activity:
Mar 20, 2009
Feb 26, 2009
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New Member

The_Darkness was last seen:
Mar 20, 2009
    1. C-o-n-n-o-r
    2. Norulz
      Pool's closed
    3. Master Marc Spirt
      Master Marc Spirt
      Hi...Do I know you? Jk....lol...I see you meet with pirate555 and Blue Snover....
    4. mrglowy
      Hell yeah tell me when we can trade i am ready and do u know how to get event and shinys those i love lol but i love high pokemons tooo
    5. pirate555
      I'm well thank you, just decided that I'm taking the evening off =DD
      I'll be on nintendopeeps later, most likely,
    6. mrglowy
      Like serbi bros fake bros? and if u an trade me anything or willing to give me anything that would be cool i am just catching level 2 pokemon for trades the only thing i can offer is tms :C thats how desperate i need good pokes and the events or any good ones atleast
    7. mrglowy
      Hey wanna be bros and i am on the other website and thansk i wanted those pokes if u can help me with my game like help me get pokes or anything ill appreciate it cause my game has barely antyhing and all hacks but ill try to do my best to repay u but other than that how u doing
    8. mrglowy
      Thanks you very much
    9. mrglowy
      Yeah i love them i am collecting and finnally have good pokes if u know how to get any more event or w/etell me but i have to go right now
    10. Skiks
      r u rlly serebii?????1111!!!
    11. Serebii
      Yes, I am.
    12. mrglowy
      alright and wanna be my bro on here and wheres the chatbox
    13. mrglowy
      hey go there and help me out i am new member intrudcotion tehre i have the same name lol and tell me and where to go and

      do u hva diamond or pearl if u do give me ure name and freind code and are they legit pokes
    14. pirate555
      Hi there, how are you?
      Still making up imaginative sprites? =D
    15. mrglowy
      aww are they lefit and can u help me get some hay i am on the ninteo peeps now where do i go and wanna be my bro on here and do u have diamond or pearl
    16. mrglowy
      whats your name on there and are you shure
    17. mrglowy
      Omg then ill say your hella cool lol i dont even have good pokes or anything good all mine are hacked pecies of **** cause my brother ****ing empty my pokes to get me rare hacked ones what a punk but then i gotta say sweet and whats the difference between them and do u have any other special pokemon i want know what sweet pokes you have freind
    18. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      mods are allowed a custom one...but we aren't...probably because of past things like plagerism and viruses
    19. mrglowy
      yup he is my brother lol yeah i am looking for legit one and legit event ones
    20. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      actually they are all preselected...you don't get a custom one like on Nintendopeeps.
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