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  • actually....

    Please refrain from bumping your threads unless it's one you frequently use but so you do not amass anymore than three posts one after the other. If you just finished a new work and want to post it without bumping your thread and it is within one day of your last post, edit your previous post and put it there.
    handsome? XD;

    Couldn't you just edit your last post
    and copy the post, and then delete it,
    and then copy and paste your previous post into a new post, and then post your new crap? :X
    So can you buy GC controller at any store? They still have a few things.

    I rarely use nunchuck and wiimote for SSBB =/ They are used for Okami, TOS2, and etc...I like to be comfortable with them =D

    BTW who is Ace? You mean AceAerial; here?

    *looks at Hellsing as picture* Sweet...Bloooooooooooooooooood...... *runs up to Hellsing and jumps* Give me a hot kiss!
    Sex>Muffins. >:0

    I just ate a large pizza all by myself. I'm going to have to run for days to burn off all those calories. XD
    Stimulates the mind, huh? Besides these controversial test drugs that appear on the news every once in a while up here, no, I can't say I know of anything. My mind's pretty unstimulated, anyway. XP
    I'm pretty sure I sent you a VM, unless of course it was a figment of my imagination. :<

    I'm starving. I want some turtle pie. :>
    It was a joke. :p
    But I really did hit my hand.

    The website is a fan website, a crappy one at that, and wasn't the creator of the image. To makes matters worst, I forgot the place I went to. :<
    As I explained to someone, I don't know who the creator is. I searched the image in google and it led me to a website with an image to it, but no creator was given.
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