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  • Estoy muy envidiosa que vives en México xD Es mi sueño de vivir en España o América Latina y hablar español todos los días xD He aprendido que los españolos son muy orgullosos del idioma español :) Espero que no he cometido muchos errores en mis palabres, si no puedes corregirme :p
    Hola! Vives en México? :) Ya estudio español por tres años y pienso que es el idioma el más bonito en el mundo :)
    Goddam, you've gotten so good since our bmf times. I'm sad that I haven't improved any, and I completely envy your talent. I don't know what it is about eyes, but I love them. I simply cannot believe how into detail you get with them (and everything else).

    Have you taken up painting yet? You should, I bet you'll be great at that, too.
    Hey! Long time no chat! According to the dates that would be about a week and a half. LONG TIME. lol. But yeah, that's cool, you livin in Mexico. Is your area okay? I heard things in Mexico are getting kinda hectic. Or is the US media trying to make my motherland seem more dangerous than it really is?
    Awwww. Well, if you're not feelin it, then go ahead and kick him to the curb and find someone who does make you feel. lol.
    Well, if you guys are dating it should be easier than if you weren't. Or are you guys still not comfortable talking about some things? I mean, If the clothes have come off then it should be fine to ask. <_<
    Just straight out say it. That's what I did with the guy I'm seeing right now. If they're smart, they'll agree to do it.
    Even so, the mouth is way better protected than other areas. ;D

    And that's good to hear. I've come out clean in every one of my tests as well, and now that i've slowed my roll a little, I'm totally stress free. lol. I'd get a cold before and think I got something. <_<
    You know, that's why you gotta be safe. You can still have fun so long as you do so in a smart, safe fashion. lol.
    :O Lucky! I have to wait til August. T_T I dunno bout your area, but I'm pretty sure ALL queer events have a bit "****" and "Superficial" involved. But they're still so much fun! <_<
    OMG, Borracho! Lol, I did the same thing pretty much. I just got drunk. Dx I actually met A LOT of new people during my spring break because of Gay Prom and The gay Party Bus events I attended. How old are you btw?
    You're still on Easter Break? I just finished mine. Went back to school already actually, only to be greeted with a horrible grade on the test I took before break. Sadness. How do you plan to spend your break, if I may I ask?
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