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  • D3 could take on Wario, if Wario wasn't so air-happy =P

    It's out of the question because too many people have asked to have their names changed, and because there are so many members here on the boards, it would be too time consuming to change all of those who want it.

    Zero, I'm not following you. What do you mean by "clever?" @_@

    I'm up for some more Brawls, if you want.
    Hello, Mexican boy (Which is why I called you) ^^. What's up? Do you use Lucas a lot? I heard about you from SSBB club.

    If you wanna brawl with me. I'm available for it.
    I'm gonna watch anime on here.

    *looks at Sonic Boom* Or Should I say "Isn't it clever?" ^^
    I'll have to try that sometime.

    D3 gets his **** together. That's why he's got an army to do his bidding.

    Too bad name-changing is out of the question for now.
    ikr man. so uber-kewl.

    Yet I showed what D3 could do yesterday against your boyz, when I just started using him =P
    It was named that way in Mario's trophy description in Melee. And it's called that because any character hit by it is sent straight down at an incredible speed. It almost ensures a KO at mid percentages.

    D3 is mad now.
    Well, it's called a Meteor Smash because that's the name it was given in Melee =P Why break from the official name?

    Triple D pwns Kirby, always.
    Hey, I calls em as I sees them =P

    I have a tendency to stay on the edge long enough to be affected by other attacks. In other words, I edgeguard to early. I was a sitting duck to your attack.

    That's the bulk of D3's gameplay =P. I HAVE to use it.
    The Cutter is actually a Meteor Smash, but it's near impossible for it to work, except for stupid edgeguarders who stay there for way too long. Guess I'm stupid =P.

    But DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD is so fun! So much that I want to main him now. Now I just need to get his chaingrabs down and I'm set XD
    That was fun. I never used DDD before either, so it was fun getting experience like that. Gordos and d-tilt rock =P
    lol yeah I do read, I used to read all the time back when I was younger and I still do it occasional especially when I am trying to sleep.
    heh heh zero and m19 pwning me...I was just trying to hang out...then when they killed me they would start a taunt match...not to mention m19 has it out for me even though i tried not to attack him...>.<
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