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  • Lol oh I know, but it's kinda like on Serebii, people sometimes turn down trade requests from people with 0 posts. Although I personally give them a chance ...

    Anyways, I'll see about it. Thanks for all the info. :D
    Ohhhh, okay awesome. :D Thanks so much, that really clears things up haha.

    Do you think people will ignore my requests if it seems like I'm a "noob" on there? I have never posted on mine lmao.
    Hey, I forgot to respond to what you said the other day in the signature thread. :x

    Anyways, I meant to ask you exactly what commissions are and how they work.

    Sometimes it seems like you request them to make something for you, and then they'll actually GIVE it to you. And other times it seems like you just request it and then they'll post a pic of what you wanted them to make. :x

    The latter sounds kinda lame, I mean I see people asking for like 70$ for a hoodie, and to just see a pic of it ...? Anyways, if you could clarify it for me, that would be awesome. :3
    That's a relief! There isn't much I can add to conversation besides pithy commentary. =P

    The daycare my sisters attended had an offer where they sent a photo of your children to a prestigious art school in Spain, and the students (professionals-to-be) there turned the photo image into a pencil portrait just like you've done. Your skills, Ernesto, are totally on the same level as those professional portraitists; it's amazing. Seeing something so wonderfully drawn, and realizing it was done by hand and eye alone, gives a very unique and mesmerizing feeling. It's always a hugely pleasing experience to look at your work. *sigh*
    Nah, a little suggestion won't break the bank. Though, a true-blue academic like myself cannot help but wonder just how much "fooling around" experience is behind those eyebrows.

    Kismet : Fate or fortune.
    =0c : A surprised face, with hand almost covering the "oh" mouth.
    Bah, just trying to stay out of the ground, that's all. =P

    That quote sure does make some practical sense, yeah. Good luck finishing high school and getting your degree. Teaching's a great thing to do with your life, and teachers will always be needed, so there's some job security there if you're good. ^_^
    Ah, I see, I'm so misinformed ^^; thanks anyway :)
    Even though you're not a member, I will tell you for future references not to post one liners.
    You got so good at drawing since our BMF times. I was in deviantart the other day and I was browsing Suicune images, and yours came up!
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